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Friday, October 8, 2010

Show Us Your Life- Kitchens

Welcome to our kitchen!  
I'm joining in the fun again over at Kelly's Korner ~ to see other kitchen entries (or to enter your own!) click here!

I waited ALL day long for the sun to appear, didn't, so the pics are a little dark.  (The colors looked so "off" when I turned on all the lights, so I decided to keep it au natural.)
The main colors in here are sage greens, blues, and creams if you can't quite tell- we've also added some darker elements to spice things up a bit.  Nice pun, I know.  :)

some of my favorite family photos are in those two frames~ I love looking at them everyday!

I think I'm in love with my kitchen lights!  we installed them several years ago to replace the builder's generic (and oh so pitiful) overhead lights, and I still smile every time I look at them!  I spray painted the gold chain (thank you builders) on the fixture in the picture below, and it's held up great for five+ years now! 
this eating area may look cute...BUT it breaks up the main flow of traffic, so it's more awkward than functional; AND this table is never, EVER this clean...unless I toss everything in a basket and move it somewhere else when I'm taking pictures, ha!
small pantry on the left; dining room around the corner to the right

this hallway is as tiny and cramped as they come, and of course it's the one that gets used the most!  it leads to the garage, and the open door on the left leads out to our screened porch; there is a half bath and laundry room closet to the right, which is rather convenient for hanging things out on the line

Here are some of my favorite things in the kitchen:
ceramic heart made by Jonah

some treasures from Guatemala, among other things

yum, and YUM- no school tomorrow, so we'll be making those!

 our family Door of Art (basement door)

ceramic heart made by Ethan

a festive gift from a friend a few years back

this is actually a sofa table because we needed something very narrow for this busy corner; it may look like a disaster zone, but it saves my life!

this isn't a favorite, but it made me chuckle 'cause I forgot it was there when I was taking pictures...a frozen paintbrush thawing on the counter- freezing the brush is a neat little trick (thank you HGTV) that saves me from having to wash it out each time when I'm working on a project, like I am in right now this room

Thanks for stopping by for a peek inside our kitchen!  Have a wonderful weekend!


Lori McKinzie said...

Very cozy and inviting.

Miranda said...

LOVE THIS! Look at all that space!! It's beautiful!! :)

Kerri said...

I like your 'catch all' table. All of that stuff always gets piled on my desk!

Mrs. V said...

Stopping by from Kellys Korner...Your kitchen looks so big and cozy! Perfect for a family. My husband has done mission work in Guatemala. We have a heart for that country. I became a follower of your blog and look forward to reading back through it! :)

Abramyan Avenue said...

I love your kitchen! It's so pretty! I love your curtains. I've always wanted a window by my sink. Love, love, love your kitchen!

Angie said...

your kitchen is so bright and open...I love all the light that comes in!

Marcia said...

What a great kitchen. It feels like home. I also struggle with keeping mine neat, but it's my peninsula counter. Everything gets piled on that and when it gets full it then starts getting piled on the dining room table. It's a never ending battle.

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