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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 Festivities

Our Thanksgiving day was filled with friends and family, and lots of laughter.  We have so much for which to be thankful!

Yesterday the kiddos were home from school, so we celebrated with a yummy breakfast...
 and created wonderful treasures...
Caleb was teaching us how to make bear skin drawings, just like the natives.
Ethan got an impromptu babysitting job for a neighbor, so it was just the four of us until lunch.
I love that my children are so creative!
Someone was a little upset that she couldn't get her pajama top off to the side, like big brother Warrior Jonah.
She got over it.
I was planning on taking a picture of them with all their artwork, but the day got away from me, and they gave them away to various family members today.  They did a great job!

This one lost a tooth.
Well, removed is more like it...such a bad, bad Mama.
No worries, he thanked me afterward because it had been getting sore.
Man, I never get tired of looking into those amazing blue eyes of his!
And I'm very pleased to report that the Tooth Fairy remembered to make an appearance.  And to pay up.

I baked Autumn Apple Squares early this morning while listening to an old Johnny Cash cd Bill got me from the library.  There is, nor ever will be, any other quite like Johnny Cash.  Love love love him!  Got in a full hour of writing, too, before the mayhem began.  The end is near!

We headed over to our neighbor's house for the annual Turkey Trot.  So much fun!  We were freezing, but it was so worth it!

Thanks for the picture, Adrienne! 
And for all the fun!

We came home and watched the Macy's Parade, and Bill helped me make Sweet Potato Casserole to bring to his parents for dinner.  That was it!  I had it easy this year....and it felt great!
We had a nice time visiting with family and some dear friends.

 This little purple bundle of energy isn't getting left behind!

Then we were off to my parent's house for pie.
I already informed my mother that I'd be happy to bring anything but a pie- they are the bane of my existence!  
My Mom laughs at me, and then sets out the most gorgeous, picture-perfect pies.  Show off.

With my beautiful niece, Darianna- Enjoy, Mom!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Regina and David said...

Glad you all had a great day. I love the crafts the kids made, and the family photo of you all bundled up in your coats is my favorite! Happy Thanksgiving!

Marcia said...

What a great day together. What a great idea to make those feather headresses. So cute. I had to laugh at your group photo because you all have red noses. Cold much? haha. No homemade pies here, all store bought. And delicious I might add!

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