Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
1 Corinthians 3:17

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Everyday Randomness

Every Thursday that rolls around lately, I find myself marveling at how quickly the weeks keep going by.  I feel like I need a giant pause button!  Well, maybe I wouldn't go that far....we have cabin fever something fierce and it's taking its toll on our, um, cooperative spirits.  One in particular is pushing me to my limits.  How we pray for that dear one, oh, but it is so draining!

I thought I'd be so creative and productive and finish a couple of my lingering projects.
And then this happened when I ironed the tote bag.
Oh wait, that's what it looked like after I tried to fix the hole that the iron had made.  This was a new hole my sewing machine made.  Are you kidding????  So much for the adorable ruffles I was going to stitch to the top.  Plan B.

I think Plan B turned out pretty cute!  Thank goodness for hot glue guns!  Mine is about a million years old, and it STILL works!  I glued on some little buttons and things.  First, though, I ironed on some interfacing to the inside over that hole, and then "Wonder Undered" the fabric flowers on the outside.  I still have the pretty ruffles too, and I was about to stitch them onto a cute tank top for Isabelle when I heard "Glnk."  The needle was stuck.  I almost cried!  That was the extra shove I needed to finally bring the machine in to have it looked at since the tension has been a little haywire (I got the extended warranty, whew!).

But I won't have my sewing machine back until April 8th!  Not like I have an Easter dress or anything to finish!  Oh well.  Things could be worse.

It's funny how I used to have no fear in hanging stuff up on my walls, and if I didn't like something, oh well!  I'd just move it over, play around with it, and make it work.  Somewhere along the way, though, the fear of messing things up grabbed hold of me, and I've been a hesitant decorator ever since.  (Maybe because I know how hard it is to finally finish pairing a room with 4 kiddos underfoot!)  When I say hesitant, what I really mean is I'll just learn to love those bare, empty, freshly painted walls.

Hello stuff on the walls in the home office/music room.  I've missed you.
Yes, I know the spacing looks a bit's part of the plan, I tell ya!  There's more to come...
On Saturday morning, I had my personal little army of Swifferers, cabinet washers, vacuumers, and bathroom cleaners.  Our house sparkled and shone!  And of course we worked our little hineys off to some loud, fun music (love those Big Time Rush fellas, ha!).  It was like a pre-mini-Spring cleaning session, sans the open windows, unfortunately.  The mercury never rose above 38 all day!

We had plans for something fun on Saturday night.
But this looks way more fun, right?  Poor Bill.  
Just so we're clear, yes, this is what I would consider "a worse."
At least there was pizza for dinner.  Yay Pizza Hut!

And yummy stuff for breakfast- the bacon was still cooking.  Turkey bacon, that is, even though Dr. Oz says that real bacon is better for you.  I can't get over all the grease!  Turkey has virtually none, much easier to deal with.  That said, today however, I got a random spatter of grease on my wrist- ouch!- and then another on my bathrobe...I'm a perpetual chef-in-a-robe, and I do my very best cleaning in my nightshirt- sorry, was that TMI?...And THEN, the cinnamon roll icing squirted out onto the front of my robe, and I sloshed orange juice all over the right sleeve!  That's what I get when I abandon the apron, I guess.

Luke doesn't seem to mind the turkey alternative.  :)

The message this morning at church was amazing!  Don't you love it when you know God is talking directly to you through the pastor?  It was all about listening to God's promptings, and having the faith and courage to say "YES" to Him, even when you have no idea how it will all work.  

Ethan asked if he could watch his Toby Mac DVD after we got home.  I love some of his songs, and others?  I don't love them.  Not at all.  But he's a great Christian man, and my boys look up to him, so I will gladly wear my ear muffs for their benefit, ha!

It's freezing cold again today, and sooo windy!  I can handle the cold, but the wind just plain aggravates me.  Isabelle has a new cough and an extremely runny nose, so I'm afraid to even let her out today, poor baby.  Maybe we'll take a nice, long nap instead!  I'm sure she'll be thrilled!  :)

Have a blessed Sunday!
Oh, I almost a hasty moment of fearless wonderment, I tried on a pair of pants I've been working so hard to fit into, ie inspiration pants, and...they fit!  There's no stopping me now!!!


Michelle said...

Okay! Well, that's a whole lot of stuff! LOL First, congrats on the inspiration pants fitting! Woo Hoo!!! I like turkey bacon better too, but I will buy the regular bacon if it's nitrate free. It's a trade-off. Sometimes nitrate free, sometimes lower fat. I'm known to stay in my robe until at least 1:00 sometimes.. .until I absolutely have to change. Your bag did turn out cute. I've had some pretty good fights with my sewing maching before including late nights in college when I actually threw bobbins across the room. The last time(recently) my machine was messed up the only thing I had to do was take the plate up and blow the dust off a bit. That seemed to help. I have quite a few projects I'm working on right now with spring fever hitting. I hope to finish a few and make posts about them.

Michelle said...

Oh! And have a great Sunday!!

Marcia said...

Congratulations on the pants. That is such an accomplishment.

Thank goodness Easter is late this year. I'm sure you'll get the dress done in time.

BTW, cereal is much less messy. Just kidding, you did a wonderful job making a wholesome breakfast for your family.

Ryan V. said...

Whew that's a lot of stuff going on! I love the yellow tote, it turned out so cute! I am not a fan of ALL of toby mac's music either, but I like some of his songs. I also wanted to say I love that chair you have in the corner next to the TV...the print is so pretty (reminds me of your blog background). That is my style. I wish I could decorate based on that look but we have dark brown leather couches...
And Yay for fitting into inspiration pants! I am trying to do the same. ugh...eggs for breakfast, salad for lunch, salad for dinner. borrring! hehe

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