Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
1 Corinthians 3:17

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Snow, Sunshine, Lousy Germs, & Amazing Stars

Wow, some days are just that spectacular.  And others...are not.
Yesterday was more of the are not variety.

By 2 pm I was ready to crawl into bed and hide.  For my life.
Oh wait, I did that.  They still found me.  And bugged me.

Let me back up.  It was all my fault.  I kept one child home for preventive measures, which turned out to be a colossal waste.  Another was gagging on phlegm- sorry, there's no "pretty" way to disguise that word, is there?  It's just so...ugh!- with a low grade fever, but woke up at 6 am saying he felt great and wanted to go to school.  I was tempted, believe me.  Local parents, you are welcome.  Isabelle Kate picked up a nasty cough and is sneezing like crazy, and poor Ethan was still not well enough to tackle a day back in the trenches, so yes, all my lovelies were home.  Sick.

When Bill called to check on me in the afternoon, he graciously asked if there was anything I needed him to get from the store.  You Moms know the drill- my head is screaming, yeah, probably there are a million things you could get, but if you are even one minute late pulling into this driveway, one of us may not be alive when you get here...but I simply answered, "No, thanks."  You know, that drill.

He hurried.  He's smart.

I'd had such a nice hike with Isabelle the morning before, we opted to drag their little sorry selves out to the same spot to soak up some Vitamin D and fresh air.  I was in such a foul mood by this point I didn't even want to take my camera.  Oh yes, you heard me right, didn't even want to.

But here are some pictures of my pretty girl after our first Spring Snowfall.  I couldn't believe the snow was all gone when we went back the next day!

see all the neat sap lines for NH Maple Syrup?

tossing snowballs into the stream- so fun!!

i looked down at one point and noticed how cute her little boots were next to mine!

So today is a new day.  Everyone has left for school.  Yay!  The fresh air yesterday did put us all in better moods.  Bill and I talked more about some pretty awesome stuff.  Last night our youth group met at the local Discovery Center/Planetarium, and we saw the most amazing creations from God's hand!  I'm telling you, I can't even begin to wrap my brain around all the He has created for us, and all that we have yet to see!  Amazing!  And that's the feeling I want to keep with me today- I hope you have an amazing day too!  And I hope you'll leave a comment and say hello!  It's so neat to see who is visiting from around the world!  =)

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Erika said...

Sorry you had a rough day, but I just love your paragraph about hubby coming home and asking if you needed anything. I know EXACTLY what you mean - this happens to me all the time. lol. Oh girl, I miss you!
Love the pics too! :)

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