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1 Corinthians 3:17

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Everyday Stuff

Whew! Another busy busy week, but it's been filled with fun stuff. The next two weeks are filled with appointments and such...not so much fun. Oh well, that's life with four kiddos I guess- I'm thankful that we have decent insurance.

Jonah and Caleb are doing Junior Ranger Camp again this year, so we've been hanging out at the lake quite a lot for the past 48 hours. A lake with tons of fish. That swim around you. And nibble body parts that...well, that they shouldn't! Naughty fishies! Bill is actually there as I write this, probably trying to catch one or two with the makeshift net I whipped up this morning from leftover tulle...never thought I'd be re-purposing tulle for that, ha!

We've also been doing tons of crafts- I think I'll do one big post before school starts about all our neat projects. I'm glad I have crafty boys! I think it's really important for them, and it's been increasingly easier to find things to suit them now that they're older- when they were small, most of the crafty things I encountered were definitely geared toward girls- SO unfair, ha!

And THIS was quite a surprise to find on the big ol' internet the other day! Part of me is completely flattered (especially since the author wrote such nice things, ha!) but part of me was really bothered that someone would just "help themselves" to something I wrote - and a picture of Isabelle- without asking or even letting me know first. I'm curious about what anyone else thinks about this... I suppose Pinterest works in the same way, and I think it's neat to see that some of my things have been pinned by complete strangers who happen to find something they like on the blog, but...still a little bit weird. 

That's it for now...I've got a wailing 4-year-old on the stairs in a time-out, a cranky 10-year-old complaining about all the crying, and 2 that I haven't heard in a while....gotta go! I hope everyone is having a good week!
Okay, so I wrote that around lunch time today- it's been just Ethan and me all afternoon so we did some errands that may have included a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts and the mall (ugh, I officially have a tween on my hands!), and then I got my rings inspected and cleaned. I know, really living it up! When we got home the sky got all dark and gray so I ran out to the clothesline to bring in sheets and clothes, and then everything got light again- it looked so pretty so I ran inside to grab my camera and snap some flowers in bloom. Notice there are no pictures of our actual {dead} yard. Oh well. It's just grass.

 the green you see is our neighbors' well-irrigated lawn

 i didn't notice the little bee until the big one came storming by- sounded like a small jet coming in for a landing! (which apparently frightened the smaller one away)

 this is a side-view of the garden in front of our house- i thought it looked so pretty (last year much blood, sweat and the occasional tear went into redoing that garden)

another small side garden i love- the butterflies really do love their little butterfly bush!

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