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1 Corinthians 3:17

Monday, August 29, 2011

One Last Look Back at Summer

Well, here we are. The night before the start of a brand new school year. I still get as excited as I did when I was a little girl...bag packed and ready to go by the door, outfit laid out, finally slipping my tootsies into those never-before-worn shoes...ahhhhh, loved it then and love it now with my little scholars!

Summer flew by as usual, and while we certainly had our moments of I-can't-take-even-one-more-minute-of-this, it was a fantastic summer. Swimming, trips, playing, ice cream, backyard fires and S'mores, even camping out in the backyard (kinda...I found them all inside by morning, ha!), and lots of sleepovers and fun things with their grandparents. I hope my children think back on it fondly, too.

I'm disappointed that some special things I'd really been looking forward to didn't end up happening. Maybe it's hard to remember that everything isn't all about what I want, but sometimes it just feels like nobody even cares what I want. That's not the best feeling either.


Here are some of my favorites from this summer.

And of course my sweet little chickadees- I watched those birds every single day, and I missed them so much when they just weren't there one afternoon. Such a reminder of how quickly time passes while our children are in the nest with us.

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