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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Poor Itchy Jonah!

I had to bring Jonah in to the doctor's office today because he has an alarming-looking rash (aren't they all alarming looking?) that is continuing to spread like wildfire down his sad little body. There is also a concerning discoloration of the skin on the backs of his legs, like a deep purple, mottled look, so we've been asked to return tomorrow to decide whether or not to proceed with lab work. The doctor thinks it's a virus that is making his system go haywire at this point.

My poor itchy, swollen, uncomfortable little guy!

All this drama started last night, but it wasn't here- it was at my parent's house! Jonah was there for a sleepover when I got a frantic call from Mimi around 9:30 pm. So much for learning the secret to Pippa's lovely figure...I was watching some A&E special, ha!

My Mom, Jonah and I were sitting around the living room talking well past 10:30, which felt both odd and kind of neat at the same time. We were waiting for the Benadryl to kick in, which thankfully, it finally did. The on-call doc had said if the swelling or redness didn't dissipate then we'd have to make a midnight run to the ER. Fun fun! In my hasty 10pm impromptu trek to the pharmacy, I picked up some Benadryl itch spray- let me just tell you how awesome it was! I know there's nothing worse than someone touching you all over when your skin is already on fire and crawly.. and this just sprayed on easy peasy.

I could tell that Jonah felt bad about the idea of disappointing his Mimi by asking to go home, which was so sweet, but she insisted that she always felt better in her own bed when she was sick, too. We promised him that he could have a make-up sleepover as soon as he was feeling good.

I was relieved that Jonah slept the rest of the night- sometimes he is a fitful sleeper. I was also so thankful it was a rather cool night, not sticky hot and uncomfortable like most nights recently. When he woke up this morning, I held out hope that he'd be all better, but...nope. The redness and swelling perked right up, even after another dose of Benadryl. Dernit!

Isn't it the absolute worst when you can't make your kids all better?

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Jenny said...

Oh poor guy! I hope he feels better soon!!!!

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