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1 Corinthians 3:17

Friday, August 12, 2011

From Angry to Inspired

Our neighbors have struck again.

It seems they've removed the "No Trespassing" sign from our next-door neighbor's yard and...nailed it smack dab on the middle of the tree that faces our kids' play fort. As in, three feet from their little hideaway. Needless to say, we were all very upset because it feels like such a mean, unnecessary thing to do.

So what did we decide to do about it? Well, now I can actually thank those neighbors who intended to be hurtful for getting me off my duff and finally putting some fun finishing touches on the fort. I loooooove how it turned out! And our kids do too!

I was really tickled when they all wanted to eat breakfast out there this morning!  =)

Bill built this- didn't he do an amazing job!?!

These two adventurers love the new window shade!

The ties you see are actually corkers that Jonah and Ethan made- so neat! I had no idea what we were going to do with those things & they work perfectly here!

The bright quilt hanging was made my my Gram years and years ago- it was just laying around the basement, but I love how it looks out here. Another faux wall that creates a cute little reading nook back there.

Secret hideaway corner, anyone?
This was the leftover towel  from my beach chair caddy project.

These poor windchimes have taken a beaten over the years but they sound so pretty...I tried to give 'em some new life with colorful beads. 

I know these won't survive for long out in the elements, but it was just the boost we needed for now.

And the sign that started it all...

And look! You don't even notice it now! I propped up an old stilt for the wind sock and pendants- so festive and colorful! (We ended up nailing a sheet to the entire back wall of the fort so when you're inside, you can't see the sign at all- I think I'll let everyone go nuts with Sharpies to decorate the new wall!)

It's so tempting to get angry and want to retaliate in some way, but I know that isn't God's way. I choose God's way.

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5ennie said...

Well done, Bethany!!! You are an inspiration <3 <3 <3 And I love the fort!!!!! I'm sure it will be one of your kids' favorite places and memories ever!

Jenny said...

That is the most adorable club house EVER!!! Your husband did an amazing job and I love all your colorful touches! I'm sure your kids have a blast out there!

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