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Monday, December 12, 2011

Caleb's Wild Volcano Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Caleb!!
Today is officially my littlest boy's 9th birthday!
To be perfectly honest, I'm having a really, really hard time with it. He just isn't supposed to be getting this much older this quickly!

Saturday was the big day for the party- Caleb invited some friends and we had family come over to celebrate with us. Some years, I combine a party just for family for Caleb's and Isabelle's birthdays, and then do a party with friends at a different time, but that's a lot of work too! So this year we had everyone come party together, and Caleb had a great time so that makes all the effort worthwhile.

The volcano cake I tried to make was a total and complete disaster!
So Bill came to the rescue and stayed up really late to make this one for Caleb- I think he did a fantastic job!
 The bottom layer was a bundt cake (my only contribution that didn't flop, ha!), and then he baked a second dome cake, cut out a thick hole in the center to fill with "Magma" frosting, and we drizzled the "Lava" all along the slope of the volcano.
For extra fun, we burned marshmallows for charcoal debris and added some red fruit roll-ups to look like pooled up lava along the edge. Caleb thought it was awesome so I was happy!  =)

It began to spit snow as soon as we headed outside for more volcano fun...and it was freeeeeezing! But the boys didn't care!

I just love their reaction to the Mentos geyser here!

 Get out of the line of fire quick, Caleb!!

That was our best one!

We did a few things with baking soda and vinegar, and then were off on an adventure scavenger hunt. Bill had made several clues for them around the house (outside...yay!), only sometimes boys don't get clues...I guess you need to be a bit more direct at times, ha ha.
They finally made it through and found their treasure- we wrapped some Super Heroes and Star Wars puzzles from the dollar store and taped some Christmas candies to the boxes. I thought that would be a fun alternative to the traditional goody bag, and they seemed happy with the whole thing. It was fun watching them collaborate and run this way, then that way, then over there, squealing and yelling the entire time!

And then it was time to come inside for cake...Caleb was especially excited to see a sparkler atop the volcano! I got that idea from Cake Boss when he made a Transformer cake. Thanks Buddy!

 My gorgeous birthday boy!
Caleb is one of the friendliest, kindest, most enthusiastic people I know, and I'm so privileged to have the honor of being his Mom. I love you so much my big little boy!

All the elements of fun for any little boy:
food, friends & family, and FIRE

We're thankful for a wonderful family and fantastic friends- thank you for making Caleb's day a hit!

I just have to include these pictures of Isabelle and her sweet new cousin Naomi!

I was running around in the kitchen and had no idea what was going on in the family room until Karen told my settings were all off, but I think you can see how proud and happy Isabelle was to be giving Baby Naomi a pachi all by herself! I am having an even harder time with the fact that my baby girl is turning five on Thursday. It just can't be!

Today is a busy day- I've got to finish up Caleb's birthday pops for his classmates, work on some projects, wrap a bit more, clean a lot more, and then tonight is our annual Pajama Drive with hot cocoa to see all the Christmas lights. It is one of my favorite family traditions!

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Jenny said...

What a wonderful party! LOVE that volcano cake!!! And look at your baby girl holding her sweet cousin! How precious! Hope you have a great (and productive) week!!

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