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Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Birthday Girl & Pics from Caleb's Pajama Drive

My baby girl is growing up!

Five years old today!
I'll share her portraits when I get around to taking them, you know, in all my free time lately.  =)

She was pretty psyched about her lunch dates...her very first ballerina barbies! I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of the whole Barbie genre, but...these were on clearance, and for $2.99 a pop, my little girl has been smiling
And their bodies are painted so no nekked barbie bods around the house.
Win win. Is that weird that I think that way? Probably...what's new, right?

 Daddy brought the birthday girl special flowers!

I love how she is gazing up at Belle here! I have to tell you, Belle's hair is so soft and silky, I was having a hard time giving her back to my Belle. I have always loved brushing and playing with baby doll hair! More weirdness, I'm sure!  =)

My five-year-old sweet birthday girl and me

Happy Birthday Isabelle Kate! You will always be my heart's greatest joy and delight!

And here are a couple pics from our annual PJ drive on Caleb's birthday:

Nine-year-old Caleb and his proud Mama - what a wonderful young man he is becoming!
 We celebrated on his actual day with Birthday Pie- YUM!

I guess this picture should have gone first...oh well- backwards seems to be the perfect descriptive word for me these days, ha ha!

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