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1 Corinthians 3:17

Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Sunday in Pictures

You know how some days just feel so great, even when you're not really doing anything?

Some of us weren't feeling that well so we decided to stick around home and avoid spreading germs at church. I don't like missing church, but at the same time, a nice, quiet, leisurely morning seemed like such a wonderful gift, and we all felt better at the end of the day.

Bill and I took Ryder out for an early walk, and boy, was it freezing!!! I was a little fearful of being "stuck inside" with everyone, but it was just perfect.
Jonah serenaded us.

Daddy made homemade blueberry waffles while everyone kept busy, and content.

Caleb looking for water from the new dishwasher my Dad and Bill installed. There was none. Phew.

I had ribs going in the crockpot, which smelled sooo good, and the temp had risen to double digits, yippee! So we decided to trek down to the sliding hill at the cemetery near our home- we had a blast!

The sunshine felt so wonderful! But not nearly as good as hearing my kids laugh and squeal down hills and over jumps!

Lunch was practically ready to go when we got back home, and we spent the rest of the day playing more games, cleaning up a little, and I even made a cute dress for Isabelle while they were all watching football {yawn}...I may be getting some grief for that comment later, ha!

Then we went to Bill's parents and made pizzas, some people watched MORE football, but most of us enjoyed one of those Something Buddies movies, the ones with the cute dogs. I was reading a magazine squished in between Isabelle and Caleb, who were giggling up a storm. It was so much fun- the perfect way to end a perfect day!


Jenny said...

Sounds like the PERFECT day to me!!!

Marcia said...

Sounds lovely. I love those lazy around the house days.

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