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Friday, January 27, 2012

Projects & Party Prep!

It's a slushy, soggy, gray morning here in NH! But I don't mind...we've got lots of things to do for someone's birthday party tomorrow!
I thought I'd share one of my latest projects in our home office/music room. I can't believe I stared at blank walls for over a year! I think I get so afraid of making a mistake, so I don't do a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. I took a deep breath, and then took the plunge. With the hammer, that is. Now I luuuuuuuuuuurve what I get to stare at!!!!

These are all pieces from our children! This is my absolute most favorite place in the house now!
I've left room for more masterpieces...please pardon the photos on the piano & the winter duds on top of the dog's kennel- it seems Ryder has a certain affinity for my mittens when they're on the floor, ha!
Most of the pieces fit standard frames, however, a few did not. So I chose pretty scrapbook paper to use as a matte, and that added a fun pop of color.
Up on the right, there was a narrow but veeeerrrrry long painting one of my sons made- there was NOTHING that would fit it! Besides, it was just plain awkward looking no matter what I tried, until...I cut it in thirds and fitted it into the 3-matte frame. Genius! Well, maybe not, but I love it more now than I did when it was whole! Splitting it up gave it great definition.

This is what it looked like the day was so uninspiring, it simply became a dumping ground for everything.

And here is the wall above my desk now...

I took this pic on a sunny day before Bill put up my ledge...
I think I might stencil the word "Inspire" toward the center top...
these are special to me because they are all photographs I've taken of things around our garden and yard that I love

There is one more project involving a poster and a cherished verse, but I have to wait until I get another coupon before I get it printed.  =)

We're installing some board and batten in the hallway, so I've got to get painting...and the timer just rang, so it's time to get the cakes out of the oven...there are four loads of laundry waiting to be put away...and I've got to finish decorating for the party! 
 Here's a little something we've finished already!
Isabelle was concentrating so hard on sorting the colored beads for tomorrow!
In her Rapunzel dress.
With bunny ears.
Oh I love this girl!

I'm going to mingle with the folks over at The Picket Fence today!

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