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Saturday, January 28, 2012

What a Beautiful Day for a Butterfly Birthday Party!

I was thrilled to wake up to beautiful sunshine this morning!
  Look at in JANUARY!?!?!?!
It seemed like an extra special gift in honor of Isabelle Kate's "Posa" {Butterfly} Party!!

I just can't believe my little girl is five! She is the prettiest, sweetest girl in the whole world!

I'd been planning for weeks and weeks, but even after promising myself I wasn't going to be all crazy nuts the morning of the party, I think I failed as I was finally finishing her cake around noon, which was already an hour later than I'd promised myself to be in the shower, which get the idea! Crazy time!
In my defense, my carb-junkie cats make it impossible to leave out any type of confection ahead of time, meanwhile Ryder looked all too ready to swipe a few goodies off the table.
And the butterfly cake I was attempting to do was a colossal FAIL. Just plain miserable. Of course the cute lady on Betty Crocker made it look SOOOO easy. It wasn't. It started falling apart and crumbling, so I pieced it back together, whipped on a new layer of crumb coat, and saved it for morning. That's what really put a kink in my plans!

Definitely not what I was hoping for, but the birthday girl loved it, so that's all I cared about.

Our entrance to the party...

It was so much fun decorating for this party! Except for the food, everything was under ten bucks! Flowers and Dollar Store tissue paper, napkins, plates & balloons... and pretty basic balloons from a local party shop. Everything else I already had!

The food table off the kitchen:

$1 cupcake stands? 
Dollar Store white plates placed atop a glass vase...worked great!

I got the idea for "critter crunch" off Pinterest-
Cones filled with Teddy Grahams, Goldfish, gummy bears & worms...though we ended up calling it Posa Munch.  :)

You gotta have jelly beans in"fancy" glasses!

 I made pink lemonade and served it in the punch bowl, which was a big hit with little girls! 
We also had apple juice and tea.

Decorations in the dining room

 The pictures don't do these pretty tissue paper flowers justice- they were my favorite thing!
The room looked so magical!

We thought it would be fun to make bracelets to take home ~
everyone did such a good job!
This was very inexpensive, and the girls loved it!

Then it was time for gifts!
The excitement was really mounting...girls are LOUD!  ;)

I love how her dress draped over the chair ~
Isabelle had asked me to make her a posa dress, with lots of spin, hee hee!
I was happy to oblige! I meant to make a flower for her hair, but I forgot, and it wasn't going to happen this morning, that's for sure!

Such sweet little girls!
Ha Ha- see Isabelle's feet? Mimi knit her some special socks for her boots and ice skates to keep those tootsies warm...and she didn't want to take them off! They're so cute!

And the...CAKE!

 I just love this picture!

ha ha, look at that expression!

 May all your wishes come true, my sweet girl!
We love you so much!

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