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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just So I Always Remember

Sometimes I wish blogging was around when the boys were small, so I could remember more what our day to day lives were like. I know we were busy and involved in lots of things, but...the details are fuzzy. Blogging has been such a great way of keeping track of everything! So this post is just for me, so I'll be able to look back and remember it all.

First things first, today is my Great Gram's 93rd birthday! Just yesterday I drove past her old house, where I spent many, many nights during summer vacations, and it looks so different. The town has been clear-cutting the area, so it looks quite bare and...just not right. I know, I know, changes, progress, growth-all that stuff- but it made me sad just the same. So Happy Birthday Grammy! I learned so much about life, Jesus, and sewing from you! Now my eyes are all watery just thinking back on all our times together. Oh, life is good but so hard sometimes.

So onto the day...I slept later than usual, and puttered around a bit more than I would've liked, but I just couldn't get moving this morning. By 6:30, I had breakfast started and lunches mostly made and packed, so that was good! Ryder is always SO happy to greet me, and some mornings are a little rough still, with him chasing around the poor cats, but today was quiet. Good. :)

Jonah and Caleb are always the first two up, though sometimes it's J, and other times it's C. That cracks me up- it's almost like they have some secret brotherhood rotation schedule or something. This morning, it was Jonah, and he was very sweet; I was very thankful. He even got Ryder's breakfast ready and then out for a walk while Caleb was getting dressed. It was a great morning, even though I was scrambling for something healthy to put in their lunches (I have to go shopping, badly!) so they could pack up and we could hit the road for School Trip #1 of the day- we leave by 7:30 (on a good morning, like today!).

Isabelle was still sleeping when Ryder and I returned home, but Ethan had already eaten and gotten ready for school. He is such a wonderful big brother to her, often times getting her cereal or brushing her hair for her. I know how fortunate I am, and I try to remember to tell him, a lot! He is such a huge help to me! When I went upstairs later on to check on something, I found Isabelle playing with her new polly pockets, and believe me, they have quite the little conversations, ha! It's really cute! On Tuesday and Thursday mornings when she has school, of course I have to make sure she's dressed and ready to go, but on the other days, I really don't care if she's in the car in her jammies. Today she wore her favorite "posa" fleece top and jeans, without scowling I might add- I think her motivation was wearing her new hot pink winter coat! Can you believe we've got tank tops and bathing suits all over the stores but NO coats or snowpants anywhere??? This is NH folks, in the MIDDLE of winter! Well, after searching endlessly for about two weeks, I finally found something for her!

Oh, and of course, today of all days Isabelle insisted on eating something before leaving, even though we'd be coming right back home. I mentioned before, we're down to the nitty gritty...Goldfish anyone? At least I didn't give her a leftover cupcake, and no, the thought didn't enter my mind, ahem.

Okay, so onto School Trip #2, at about 8:10 am. On Tuesdays we drive around for about 10 minutes to kill time before Isabelle's class begins at 8:45, and on Thursdays we fill up the car and drive by Great Gram's "pink castle" house (the nursing home). I always take a picture of Isabelle outside her classroom door and send it to Daddy so he can see how pretty she looks- this has become one of my favorite things to do, and Isabelle always asks to see the picture that's being sent...that makes me chuckle, too!

Wow, so it's not even 9 AM, and I've already written about a full page! So I'm wordy, I embrace it!

Ryder had a vet appointment today (which was free because he was from the SPCA- nice surprise!), but we did buy his flea & tick and heartworm stuff. He weighed 37.7 pounds, a little less than Isabelle, ha, and he was as sweet and good as ever- everybody adored him!

I went waaay overboard at Target last week, clearing out the Clearance bins, but I totally messed up with some of the sizes, so we brought those back after the appointment. I had a hard time getting Ryder out of my seat when we got back to the car!

Isabelle colored a little while I rummaged through fabric in search of something cute for cousin Abby's first birthday this weekend. I was still feeling a little sluggish (though I've been running pretty regularly for over 2 weeks now!!!!!), and even sad about some stuff. I figure it's okay to feel sad about things that are sad, but I ended up feeling better when Isabelle and I took Ryder out for a nice walk. The sun didn't peek out until about three minutes before we left, so that was a nice gift from God.
 Jonah has his musical rehearsals on Mon/Wed/Fri, so we hopped in the car for School Trip #3 of the day to pick up Caleb.

Caleb wanted to take Ryder for a walk, and even said he'd keep an eye on Isabelle, who had begged to go along. I guess at some point she got tangled up in his leash and ended up on the ground. The drama came in when she got her pants and coat a little dirty. I know I was the exact same way when I was little...sorry Mom! It's kinda annoying! And I'm sure I'm leaving out about a hundred wailing fits from the princess, as they seem to be coming fast and furious lately, but...I've already forgotten about them, so how important can they be?

Bill called and said he missed me, and would I like to go on one of the trails by the river when he got home...which was in about 2 seconds, since he was calling from the driveway. Funny guy. It was just Isabelle and Caleb with us, so that was kind of neat; however, it still makes me feel kind of guilty, like I'm doing something fun without the others. I guess it just doesn't feel right when we aren't all together.

So we drive up to school for the 4th time to pick up Jonah, and then I realize that I didn't leave a note for Ethan to let him know where we were (Ethan takes the bus home on Wed and Fri to give me a little break- his school is way across town!), and since he's the only twelve year old on the planet who doesn't have his own cell phone...I called home. Problem solved. We were back in four minutes.

Jonah and Bill tossed a football around in the street, and Ryder started whining so pitifully that I let him on out to play with them. He steals that football every chance he gets, and since we are officially down three socks, one slipper, one wheel from the vacuum cleaner, two glue sticks, one My Little Pony leg, and a pair of underwear, I think it's safe to say he's a thief! But he's so cute and sweet!

Well, the cats sure don't think so. That part is getting a little old, and I miss my kitties roaming freely about without that wide-eyed, scared-out-of-their-furrly-little-minds glare on their faces.

And then it was time to bring Ethan to Midweek at church, run to the grocery store before a parent meeting at 7:30 (I still cannot rely on a regular grocery day this year...I don't know why!!!!), and then come home. Bill put away groceries and had my favorite tea cup waiting on the counter for me so we could watch funny shows and sip tea. And then I will kiss all my babies goodnight and go to bed!

How did I feel like I did nothing today?  =)

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