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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl Sunday Fun...And Other Stuff

What a busy, busy day we've had here in the northeast!
Of course, everyone and their uncle has been going hog wild over the Patriots this whole past week.
I could take it or leave it, I am, posting this while the others are in the other room hollering and fist bumping and arguing with the refs, ha!
But I've had some superbowl snacks, so that means I've participated, right?
I saw these floating around Pinterest and thought I'd try them...white chocolate is a pain in the neck to work with because it hardens so fast, but I thought they looked cute.
And there has to be marble cheesecake. Has to be.  :)
Ryder even got a special bone for the occasion.
Okay, so maybe it was bribery, in the hopes that he would leave our food alone.
It worked, for about twelve minutes.

Which is eleven minutes longer than Isabelle lasted.
Yup, you and me both, girly. It makes me sleepy too.  =)

Hello handsome!
Bill made homemade pizzas & he and Jonah made stuffed mushrooms. They were The.Best.Things.Ever!

I guess I'm working in reverse today...
 This afternoon we brought the kiddos down to Grandma and Grandpa's for ice skating on the pond- it was so much fun!
Except my skates are too big and they really, really hurt! Boo.
Isabelle tried some for the very first time and was a natural! She LOVED it! She even stood on her own several times, and took a few shaky steps!
 This chair helped her zip across the ice in record time!
And sometimes it was fun to just let Grandma push her around the ice!

Ryder had lots of fun with his new toy, too.
Wild Ryder was thrilled to discover some leftovers from ice fishers.
We had to chase him, for a really long time, because he did not want to let go of that new fishie toy!
He looked so dejected when we finally got it away from him.
So he headed back out and stole the puck that the boys and some neighbors were playing with.
Insert sigh {and smile}.

This morning for church we let the kids wear really casual clothes in honor of the Pats. They were not alone, ha! Our congregation could have been mistaken for a giant promo ad or something for the team. Before we went, I asked Bill to take a couple pictures for me (I was still getting ready), and this is what I get:

Okay, this one's pretty cute!

Isabelle was pretty happy to get to wear her ballet skirt to church! She refuses to wear pants (fine by me!), but leggings are okay, so...I worked with my options.

Pre-lip gloss, but okay I guess- our kids are always adorable!
My girlfriends like my hat- $2.98 on the Clearance rack at Target, woot woot!

Oh, and on Saturday, we traveled down to MA for Cousin Abigail's First Birthday party! I forgot my camera, bleh, but we had the best time visiting and celebrating sweet Abby! She is so precious! I wanted to make her something special for summer, so...
What do you think? I like how it turned out, especially adding the flower to the dress and ruffle to the bloomers- I even made my own bias tape for the first time ever! I don't know if I did it exactly right, but it was easy and it turned out just fine!

Bill got the movie Water for Elephants for us last night, and it was so, so good. Very disturbing on some levels, but so triumphant, and true love conquered all, so I was happy. 

I'll end with this cute picture of my picnic with Isabelle on Friday. It was just one of those spontaneous things that popped into my mind, and we had a lovely picnic together. Life gets so busy, and I'm finding that I need to be much more purposeful in creating special little moments like these.
So that was our busy weekend! Whew, if only it could be Saturday morning when I wake up to have another weekend to recover!

Oh right, how could I forget???


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