Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
1 Corinthians 3:17

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Celebrating our New TEENAGER...Gasp!

 Happy Birthday Ethan!

He went and did it.
No matter how much I begged, pleaded, protested, outright forbade it, yesterday Ethan went ahead and turned 13 on me.

We celebrated in the morning with Birthday Donuts. Why not?

Oh, and the first-ever coffee I bought for my newly teen-aged son.
I told him I wasn't going to make a habit of that. He shrugged. And grinned. Doesn't he look so handsome in his new glasses?

I was planning on going to the beach, but he said he didn't feel like it- he hasn't been feeling too great lately either, so we had a low-key day. The fact that there was a ginormous present on the counter {staring him down} didn't bother him. At all. HA! He was so, so curious by noontime he could hardly stand it, even though he tried not to let on. A mother knows these things.

We went out for Chinese at his request, and I was actually surprised that I had enough restraint to keep from belting out Happy Birthday until we were finished, mostly anyway. The ladies who worked there enjoyed a few chuckles at our expense, but they were very sweet.

Finally, the box.

Ethan let out a squeal when he actually thought we'd bought him his very own coffee maker, for his room, I told him. No, not really. Not ever. Funny how Bill had asked me where all the dog's poop bags had gone earlier that day because every single one of them was stuffed inside that coffee box as filler. Ugh, no, they weren't used bags!

Box #2. Ha, I just snorted because given the last paragraph, that struck me funny.

Still a ruse. Ethan said I was mean. But I know he loved it! Almost as much as all the ladies, who were really chuckling - and pointing- now.

Finally, the very last package to open. 

After research and debate much lively conversation, we decided on a Nook for our read-3-books-in-one-day super reader. Both Bill and I feel that a 13 year old young man does not need internet access to use at his own discretion. We trust our son, but there is just SO much GARBAGE out there! I don't want to be stifling, but I don't want to be naive and passive either. I think this is a great first step into independence, and Ethan was thrilled with his gift, so I'm happy. 
Guess what he asked if he could download first?
The Bible.
That made me downright giddy! I know God has some amazing things in store for this boy!

We're having his party this Saturday. We'd had something really awesome planned for this past weekend, but dumb pneumonia messed that all up. I'm hoping we can make it happen later this month...

 Love the fish tanks at the restaurant! They are so pretty and fun to watch!

Today we visited my parents, who are camping at a nearby lake. I took Caleb and Jonah out on the water in our kayaks and it was just the best time! Such a picture perfect day!

Isabelle looked so pretty with the descending sun behind her.

And any night that ends with one of these is a-ok in my book.  =)

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