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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Easy Apple Applique Tee Shirt...Perfect for Back to School!

In the midst of packing, boxes scattered in every corner and against every wall in our house, piles and heaps of things waiting to be tossed, moved, or stored, I decide this to be the perfect time to start a new project.

My crafty whims are often times severely out of whack.

Maybe I just needed something fun and fast to occupy my mind for a little while, to make me feel accomplished while all else seems kinda disastrous.

I finished the skirt a few days ago, and I do love it, but those cheery red and white polka dots kept calling to me. Of course it didn't take long to think up the rest- an apple tee shirt for my up and coming adorable kindergartner. 

First, get yourself some Wonder Under. It will become your BFF real fast.
Next, I drew the shapes I needed- apple, stem and leaf- onto the W.U. and placed them alongside the WRONG side of fabric.
Notice, this is not the wrong side...oops! Had to toss this one and try again! 

Iron with dry heat, rough side of W.U. onto wrong side of fabric.
Trim shape.

Gently peel off paper backing - sometimes the sticky stuff gets a little messy, but you can easily push it to cover the parts you want convered

Lay out your design on the shirt.
I was thinking about spacing the pieces a little bit apart from each other, but alas, ended up with this- I love it!
Again, press with dry heat're done! Finished! Finito!
The Wonder Under will hold the shape in place, if you set it long enough under a hot enough temperature- make sure if you stop here.

Or, you can add some stitch details like I did:
I used a long straight stitch for the stem and leaf, and did a zig-zag around the apple.
Play around with the zig zag sizes on a scrap piece until you get just the right one- you may also have to adjust the tension a few times to avoid any puckering.
 Choose the least obvious starting point where you will backstitch, and carefully follow the lines.
I used a white bobbin thread, and changed the color for the top.
 I wanted the edges to fray just slightly around the leaf and stem. 
That's also why I cut the fabric shape just a tad larger than the W.U. piece.

Take your time going around those round edges.
And pivot pivot pivot. 
This ensures a more precise and neat applique edge.
Also, don't pull the tee shirt at all! Very important! Simply guide the needle around the design without pulling it.

Look! Even the inside is nice and neat!

Whoops, a headless shot of my pretty girl...she was beaming! I'll have to take another picture to prove it!

 Not too shabby, right?
I hope you'll try something fun and festive like this, too!
Thanks for reading.  =)

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Karen said...

Such a cute back to school outfit!

blissfulsewing said...

Cute.......!!!Thanks for sharing such a beautiful dress.

Lauren @ mercy(INK) said...

This is the sweetest! Wish I could sew... hope to give it a try if I can ever get my hands on a cheap sewing machine :)
Wanted to invite you to link your back to school projects like this one at the BackToSchool Resource page on my blog at and/or our weekly link part at look forward to connecting more!

Suzanne Winter said...

such a cute little apple - I have yet to start appliqueing, but soon!!! I'm currently challengin myself to make my twin boys' fall/winter wardrobe - I'd love for you to check it out! ~Suzanne

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