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Friday, August 17, 2012

Savoring the Last of Summer

It literally dawned on me seconds ago as I was cutting fabric on the dining room table that tomorrow will be our last Saturday Big Breakfast in this house. 
I don't know how I feel about that.
So I've decided I'm just not going to think about it right now.

Yesterday was not a great day. I couldn't force myself to get in gear, and as a result, it left me with limited options. But we needed to get out of the house. 
And I'd already made a huge picnic lunch.
I mailed off an order at the post office and still didn't know what I was going to do with them. I wonder if anyone else ever goes through that.  It's brutal! Elf playing in the ice-cold car made things feel a little better.
Maybe it was good ol' Buddy who inspired me to take them to one of our favorite parks, but I wasn't holding out much hope because sometimes there is a really tough crowd there, and it just isn't much fun.
It turned out to be exactly what we needed. Everyone had a blast! I got a few chapters of the Hunger Games in, and Ryder was super excited to receive magnanimous amounts of attention. Win win!

Ryder was going berserk over the ducks in the pond! He sounded like he was going to have some sort of psychotic puppy break, ha!

Please somebody give me food! Pleeeeeaaaase!

Isn't the park pretty?
I used to take the boys here all.the.time when they were little.
Happy happy memories.

I forgot this big girl can swing all by herself.
The boys got themselves into a playground-wide game of tag and had so much fun!
I loved watching them play! (But I was also reading, holding an antsy pooch, and wearing a skirt so I didn't keep getting up to snap a picture. They moved so fast they would've been nothing but a blur anyway.)

We have had unique sleeping arrangements during the deliriously hot nights.
Here is Isabelle in the corner of Ethan's room- we rigged up a sheet in the back corner of the hall and left the boys' doors open so this whole area would get air-conditioned.

Another night, this time in J and C's room.
Reading time. How sweet!

These are my parents with my Dad's sister, Aunt Carlene- her husband is Uncle Harry, who lost his short battle with cancer this part June.
It was so nice to hear them laugh!
We all met up at the lake where my parents were camping.

My cousin Donna (Carlene and Harry's daughter) had come along with her 2 grandchildren, so all the kids got to play together. This doesn't happen often, so it was really special. I'm hoping we can change that, and it will happen a lot more!

I thought they looked a little family fleet out there- so neat!
It started to pour about a half hour after this- you can tell how gray it was in the pictures.
Caleb was sleeping over in the camper that night, and he said the rain pelting on the roof made it impossible to sleep. He was a cranky boy the next day!

One morning I surprised the youngest 3 by taking them out to McDonald's for breakfast.
Ethan was sleeping over at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and she'd told me he was going out for breakfast.
I had to be fair!
Okay, who else is in a state of panic at how expensive McD's has become? Yikes!
And the hot chocolate was nasty, eww.
I got a bacon egg & cheese biscuit- my Dad always got me those growing up, so it made me smile as I ate it.

I see this picture and I think maybe I should start wearing make up, ha.
Oh yes, Jonah is almost done with Phase One for the braces!
Now it will be Ethan's turn- he actually has more of an issue than just Jonah's crooked teeth.

This was around 6:35 one morning, in the dungeon.
Playing with things before they get packed away. Or tossed out. You decide.
Of course Caleb was in nothing but his little red drawers, so I made him wrap Mater Blankie around him for the picture.
I grew so disheartened by all the traffic on the blog that was directed at the few pics I had of them in their underwear, photos I thought were so cute and wanted to remember. I had to remove them all, and remove all text about skivvies, underpants, etc. Makes me cringe.
If you just googled boys in skivvies, then the joke's on you today, I guess.

This made me laugh out loud so much!
I made Isabelle try a ginormous blackberry in her Berry Kix (it was on super sale) and when she smiled it looked like she was missing some teeth!
She'd already swallowed a bit here so this picture doesn't do it justice, but it was hilarious!
She kept saying, "Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids."
So she was a little confused. I didn't have the heart to correct her!

Hmm, I just realized that Ethan isn't represented in these photos.
He sleeps a lot. A LOT.
And reads multiple books in one day on his Nook. Who does that?
I am a slow reader, but I savor every word, plus I always get interrupted, takes a while longer for me.

We've got a ton of things to get done this weekend, and there's a huge party for my in-laws on Sunday, and I'm already having a hard enough time finishing up some sewing projects and getting everything ready for school, packing, preparing.... 
I noticed yesterday that I'm now sporting dark circles under my eyes.
It's not a great look for me.  =)

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