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1 Corinthians 3:17

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sick Sick Sick & A Recap of Last Week

What I wasn't expecting this week was to get knocked out flat with pneumonia. For the past three days. And to take meds with a large, bright warning of caution to keep out of the sun. Perfect for steamy hot days with lots of kids. Oh, and said kids who are running around extra early this morning. Yesterday Bill took the day off work for me, mainly since I could not move out of bed or off the couch. It really isn't any fun to take time off for stuff like this, though. Much better when it's for fun stuff. I wish he was here right now.

Last week, when it was just Caleb and Isabelle with me, we did lots of fun stuff!

This was from a special day with Isabelle that I'd been hoping for for over a year now. I'll share more about that in its own post...
I still can't believe God gave me such a beautiful little girl!

Caleb doesn't usually have a chance to claim Ryder as his alone.
 I think they both kinda liked it.
Notice the sling? He slipped and fell into the pond the night before tennis camp began, and hurt his...yup, right wrist. Perfect.

I should take a picture of the entire clock tower- it's really neat! We'd been waiting for the trolley, and the clock had just struck twelve so we got to watch the whole thing.
We waited a long time for that trolley. In the rain. It never came. Sigh.
Come to find out, the info on site is very different from the info online.

Oh, I do have a picture of the whole clock tower!
Neat, right?

Smiling by the fountain's edge in one of our city's squares
We didn't have the heart to wash Isabelle's pink swan off her face the night before, so here's what was left.
It's both sweet and sad at the same time, ha!

We've enjoyed our turkey pals coming to visit. Usually, there are 4 adults and over twenty babies!
Reminds me of sister wives. Maybe it's the meds talking.

Tennis star in the making.
 I loved watching him play, but I really loved watching him interact with the two teen instructors. He wanted to be such a big help to everyone. It made me really proud.
And he looks so cute in his tennis get up.  hee hee

There were tea parties on the porch, complete with flowers and...

...sponge rollers AND...

...painted toes.
Fancy toes- coordinating lilac and sparkly blue.

And of course, date night with someone very handsome!
He showered for the occasion.
So he wouldn't "stink bad."
Now that's true love.

And just this very minute, Isabelle meanders over to me and declares that she's "going to have my baby" so I look and she's got a pillow off the couch and stuffed under her little green bathrobe.
Actually, I stand corrected. Upon further discussion, I learn it's her little lamby animal. She's still wearing it and literally waddled over to the chair at the kitchen island. The fun just never ends I guess.  =)

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