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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Fun with Kids: Easy Backyard Water Olympics Games

The Olympics are awesome! I'm sad to see them go. 
I remember watching as a kid and that desire to excel at some sport would burn inside me...however, music is more my thing, so, that was a relatively short-lived dream, ha!
Now that I've got my own children, it's really fun to see them get excited just like I used to. 
For days and days, Jonah and Caleb just wanted to go practice laps at the pool and would beg me to record their times. I loved it!
I'd had some adventures planned, but unfortunately, everything for the past two weeks got thwarted by this lingering pneumonia. I'm thankful to be over the coughing fits for the most part, but I am sooooo tired. Feels like I ran a marathon and am still recovering.
One day we just had to get outside and do something. I was still too sick to drive us anywhere, so my options were severely limited. It was scorching hot, too, so water and/or ice became a necessity. This is what we came up with-
The First Annual Backyard Water Olympics 

First up: Ice Cube Table Hockey

Caleb jets his lip out when he is concentrating. Love that!
Next: The H2O Jump

I filled each cup with the same amount of water, and whoever jumped over the rope 10 times with the most remaining water in their cup won! It was so funny!
Then Mr. Smarty Pants figured out a trick...
 He did a "jig" instead of jumping with both feet- it was hilarious to watch!
And he won!
Third: The Spritzer
Everyone had an empty cup placed near them, a full cup, and a healthy set of lips!
Fire away kids!
Thoroughly disgusting (for someone who hates spit anyway) but completely hysterical!
And cool! Literally!
The object was to fill your cup the quickest. I think Caleb won this one!
**You can also partner up and do this activity with a spray bottle or squirt gun - the one holding the cup certainly isn't complaining on a hazy, hot summer day like this!**
Round 4: Spy Kids, Water Edition
I turned on the sprayer and they had to jump over it and roll under the stream without getting "hit"

Jonah rolled his way under & Ethan somersaulted under the spray- how Alias-like!
So cool! The boys really liked this part!
Of course I'm not mentioning the storm-offs when someone got mad, the screaming when someone else's foot got whacked by someone's head, etc etc etc. That's life with kids, I guess. They don't even remember that stuff- they just talk about how much fun it was! I think it ranks right up there with the frozen t-shirt contest!

Now we've got to start thinking about getting ready for school. I'd better get sewing for my adorable kindergartner!  =)

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