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Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Look Back At Our Young Married Life

I seriously wonder how we ever survived without digital photography! It is so much easier to keep track of files and albums now, rather than in the Dinosaur Age when Bill and I were dating and first married.  ;)

I thought it would be fun to blog about some of our early days together, so I'm going to write a post on the 6th of each month (our anniversary is Sept. 6th) as sort of a celebration of our fifteen years of marriage.

I really wish we had traveled more together before we had babies. You just don't ever get that time alone back. Ever. But...our kids are our joy and the few trips we did take hold a very special place in our hearts. 

Bill has been an engineer since I've known him (he is an honest-to-goodness rocket scientist! For reals!), and since I was a teacher, we had a lot of freedom in the summer months. We decided we'd drive down to Maryland for a few days- the only thing I remember about deciding on MD was that Bill's grandparents lived in NJ so we'd be fairly close by, and I had never met them. Kinda funny...

I do remember that I wanted to camp. Bill did not.
In fact, his definition of camping was staying at a hotel without a pool.
Ha Ha

So being the super smart young married couple that we were, we decided to rough it for the first 2 days and then find a hotel for the last 3. I remember laying all snuggled up in our sleeping bag at night, listening to the chirps and night noises, feeling so incredibly happy. We did not live together prior to getting married, so the whole falling asleep side by side and then waking up together was still pretty new and out-of-this-world fantastic!

One night we saw this pretty horse so close to the road...I just had to say hello!
Bill said I looked gorgeous with the setting sun behind me. Awww....
After all these years, I still remember that exactly.  :)
 Beautiful mornings &
 Kabobs over a camp fire for dinner...YUM!

I also remember there were rabbits running all over the campground. Like, bunnies everywhere! We stalked a few because we're weird we like animals.

Next we ventured into Baltimore and spent the day at the zoo.
And we even found a nice hotel. With a pool. Phew.
 {I can't believe how young he looks here! what a stud!}

I'm sure the zoo was lovely, but the ONLY thing I remember about it were the crazy goats who literally cornered Bill and wouldn't let him leave the pen! The picture shows just one, but there were lots of goats that appeared suddenly!
Oh, and there was a strange little goat hairbrush thing involved. 
Okay, so we are weird.

Downtown Baltimore was beautiful!
We spent the day exploring, visiting museums & shops, and enjoyed lots of local taste-testing, ha!

And Bill took me to my very first pro baseball game ~ Baltimore Orioles of course!
It says they won in my photo album, but I didn't remember that...
I don't even have a picture of either of us at the game, ha!

On the way home, we visited with Grandpa Ed and Grandma Louise in NJ- I was so nervous, afraid they wouldn't like me or something. Well...adorable Grandma kept saying over and over, "Oh Billy, your new bride is so beau-tee-ful, so beau-tee-ful!" I had honestly never heard anyone say that for real before, but that is seriously how she speaks. I loved it! How could you not?!?

I feel so happy right now, thinking back on this trip! I'm already looking forward to Nov. 6th when I get to do this again!

Happy 6th!


Sennie said...

Oh my how cute!! I love looking at photos from past <3

Anonymous said...

Love this! Good idea! And love the "old" pictures! =)
Kristen Fleming

mail4rosey said...

Kabobs on the grill, what a great idea!

Anni said...

Stopping by from the "Weekend Blog Walk" - new follower :)


Loressa Curiouswisdom said...

Wonderful photos indeed! Life is bittersweet isn't it:) Thanks for stopping by Curious Wisdom!

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