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Monday, October 8, 2012

Awesome Family Hike & Other Fall Fun

We had such a nice weekend, but last night I was reading through some blogs and learned of a terrible tragedy- I only know of this family through blogging, but Julee Turner's husband Matt was killed in a car accident on Saturday, and I'm just heartsick for that poor young wife. They also had a miracle baby not even a year just makes me so sad, and it reminds me that I take my family for granted all the time. We just never know.

So, Friday night was especially nice because our eldest son was at my parent's house, which translates to everyone else in bed by 8 pm. Plus, it was Friday...I love Friday nights!
Bill and I had a very long week so we splurged on Chinese food and talked all evening. It was great!

Saturday we woke up to sun. Sun! I'd forgotten what it looked like! We didn't have to rush out for early games so that was nice, too.

Then it was time for Jonah's soccer game. His team has had a rough season, and when Jonah got tripped twice and then pushed hard, I got mad. So did he. Sometimes it feels like this poor kid gets a raw deal more often than our other children, and I don't know how to handle it. Any thoughts or advice?

We headed out to a new mountain for our Annual Foliage Hike this year- Belknap Mountain.
 My favorite people
And pup

Maybe you can't tell how steep this was...
Trust me, it was super steep! Whew!

It got pretty cloudy, which actually made the woods seem kinda spooky, so the boys loved that. We opted for the blue trail, which was described as leisurely and easy...HA! It was intense, and I loved it! Such a great hike!

The views at the top were amazing! It felt like you could see the whole tri-state area! Lakes and mountain ranges and fields- everything! Of course my settings were not right, and I am so deathly afraid of heights, and the wind was insanely fierce, so I didn't bother to check, so no actual pictures to prove it.

I did get some other cute ones from the top...

 I told you it was WINDY!
Eek! Soooooo high!

We felt some rain drops up on the tower so we booked it outta there! It started pouring halfway down, but we didn't mind. Everyone was laughing and saying how we'd never forget this hike.  Plus, Ethan got the bright idea of ripping off his shirt midway down and yelling barbaric nonsense the entire rest of the way back to the car. And he didn't just walk back down, no, he was running like a lunatic, shirt in hand flying out behind him. I know these things probably don't seem funny to other people who weren't there, but just the thought of it gets us all roaring with laughter all over again. =)

I'd put in our favorite crock-pot beef stew in the morning so dinner was all set when we got home. That's always a treat! While the kids were showering, Bill and I whipped up an apple pie. So yummy! We let everyone eat it in the family room (yeah, we live dangerously) while we watched The Muppet Movie.  That movie is hysterical! Love the cameo appearances!

Sunday morning was church and then we stayed around the house raking and cleaning up. There may have been some serious leaf-jumping, too.  ;)

The next thing I knew, it was time for "our show" - Once Upon A Time. Ethan and I really got into that one last year, and it's still great.

Today has been pretty low-key, too. It feels good to have quiet days every now and again. Isabelle has been drawing her little heart out today- she has gotten so good!
 Pretty ballerina!

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