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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Cheer

I think I am in still in complete denial that Christmas is almost here! This whole month has just zipped right by, and before I can catch my breath, I'll be staring down a whole new year! I just barely got used to this past one; I'm certainly not ready for a new one!

It has been a busy day filled with soccer games and cookie making/decorating with my parents, dinner with Bill's parents tomorrow, and then more friends and family throughout the week...and here it is Saturday night, two nights before Christmas, and I have yet to wrap a single thing. I'm going to post some pics and get to it!

This is probably the last year Isabelle will go visit Santa.

He was a beef and cheese kind of Santa.
I'm sure he meant well, but...

She was excited, but I think last year's are just the best ever. She could hardly contain herself!

Well, honestly, this one's probably my favorite.  :)

Okay, so I had no intention of this being a post of pics with St. Nick, but now I can't help myself. Here are my sweet little guys...
 ...even though it looks a little like a contender for awkward family photos. To be honest, a visit with Santa wasn't really a big deal to me. Don't feel bad for my poor, deprived children- they went with Bill's parents every year to a fancy Army dinner, and they had their fill of Santa there. I promise. Grandma has the pictures to prove it.
You know, I still remember every detail about the clothes they're wearing. I remember how I thought Ethan's clothes seemed so big to me back then. My how time flies!

Okay, onto the present. For real this time.

Caleb's annual birthday PJs Christmas lights drive with hot chocolate

my Daddy and me - he is so funny, and I love him so much!

Sprinkle duty
 and yes, she has worn that skirt for days now, ha

 Louie Kitty got a little frisky
terrible picture but I love it anyway

 Isabelle at school the day before her birthday- she was so excited that I let her choose something out of the Summer Box since she always wears winter-y clothes for her birthday. I hope it made her feel special!

Meet Grumpy the Shepherd

 Meet Rambo the Shepherdess

She was a mess that night! I felt like I owed an apology to the audience at large for her behavior.
I was irritated. And embarrassed. The boys never did things like point out other kids, tell them where {and when} to move, just generally disregard the teacher's instruction...and then, the headband started moving around.

On stage. In the middle of the song.

As soon as I saw that look in her eyes, I knew. I just knew.

I guess when you're having wardrobe malfunctions, you just can't focus on anything else.

 She nearly took out the poor kids to her sides with those elbows. Oops. Sorry.
She was yanking that thing with everything she had.


Then she snapped. Just gave up and turned her little self around. Never saw her face up on that stage for the next song and a half until they were done.

She had informed me earlier-through much screaming and crying- that she'd wanted to be an angel. Not a shepherd. I thought she'd get over it. I guess I thought wrong.

I certainly had not intended for this post to be soooooo looooooooooong. Ask me how many presents I got wrapped tonight. Hmpf, that's okay. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures !!! Merry Christmas !

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