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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Little Mommy

I always dreamed of being a Mommy, and now that I have my sweet little Isabelle, I get to watch those same hopes and dreams as they manifest in her tender mother's heart.

Don't get me wrong. It isn't all rose petals and bon bons.

There is daily (as in minute to minute) drama worthy of its own mini-series, oceans of tears, jaw-dropping sass that knocks your socks off. Maybe we can just call it being extremely expressive, ha.


There is also sweetness and gentleness. She is my little pink ally, my feminine sidekick in this testosterone-driven family of ours. I adore watching this side of her grow and flourish. Lately I find myself soaking it all in, wanting to remember every detail. So, blog about it I will. I don't want to forget.

Isabelle is a singer. I love it, mostofthetime. She sings to her babies, then she changes voices and sings as her babies would sing to each other. It's a riot! She sings while she draws, while she plays, while we're in the car...everywhere and anywhere. And loudly. Really loudly, ha!

The only times she sings softly are when she's in her bed singing lullabies to babies, but the volume has a way of creeping up and up rather quickly. It doesn't stay "soft" for long.  :)

At gymnastics this week, I reached down for my phone and saw this instead. Thankfully mine was in the other pocket! If you can't tell, that's one of her princess phones, which rarely leaves her side these days. She carries on conversations all day long, sometimes as both the caller and the receiver, sometimes just one-sided as the caller. It's so funny! I just about died laughing when I noticed the phone in my purse that day.

Apparently she was expecting a very important call during gymnastics.  :) 

About a thousand times this month I've heard Isabelle talking on the phone with The Doctor. There's a sick babe in tow, usually with a fever of "348 (or 29 or a million!) deBrees" and she needs to be seen right away. There's a lot of ahh-ing and yess-ing and uh-hmm-ing. Totally cracks me up!

She is also very aware of people being hurt or upset, and often puts that empathetic little heart in motion.

Isabelle loves to have chores like the big kids. She gets so excited to empty out the silverware tray from the dishwasher and put everything away in the drawer. And she knows exactly where every little thing goes! She also makes her own bed, helps me with laundry (she also knows what belongs to whom...down to the very last sock, ha!), and has begun to take care of the small trash can in the bathroom and wipe down the bathroom counters and sink.

I guess pants are optional when you're hard at work in the kitchen!  =)

Real babies are the best!

My sweet little Mommy in the making.

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Jenny said...

Sweetest post ever!!!

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