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1 Corinthians 3:17

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beautiful Snowy Morning in New England

Our latest victim of headache and chills is sitting beside me right now with her usual array of babies and accessories spread out over a picnic blanket, assessing each one's wardrobe, letting me know who is missing such and such, and that I need to get straight to work.  ;)

Oh, and we've got our Disney princess playlist humming along. Can't forget that detail. Giselle is crooning the Happy Working Song {from Enchanted, one of my favorites!}, so my little princess just might get her stash has been calling my name lately anyway.

Then again, since the sickie was just asked to stop tearing through the house for the third time, I'm beginning to wonder if someone just wanted a little extra attention like her big brothers have had.

Anyhoo, everything looks so beautiful after snowing all day yesterday, so we had to take some pictures of our new neighborhood. The first photo is what I see through the kitchen windows as I wash dishes. Isn't it lovely?!?

This guy adores the snow! So much so that he's been sneaking outside every time someone opens the door, naughty boy. Good thing he's so cute.


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos !!!! We had only on real good snow this winter. My 7 year old son wants to sled !!!!

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