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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Jonah!

Today is Jonah's 12th birthday!  Twelve years ago roads were closing down left and right because we were in the middle of a massive Nor'easter. My Mom and Bill were getting so nervous because I refused to go to the hospital until I was "sure," since I didn't want a repeat of Ethan's delivery, and there was so much snow out there! I'd been having contractions all throughout church the day before, didn't sleep a wink that night, and had an appointment Monday morning, March 5th, 3 days past my due date. Bill and I stopped at the grocery store on the way home from that appointment, and I remember having to stop and hang onto the food shelves and displays because the contractions were coming faster and much harder. I must've looked like a crazy person, ha! People had started to stare and even ask me if they could help us get to the hospital. But nope, I would not go. Finally around 1:15 pm, panting on my knees on the stairs and unable to complete a sentence, I relented. I can't tell you a thing about that ride in- I don't remember any of it! But I do remember at 6:10 the most perfect little boy- a surprise!- was crying that deliriously wonderful newborn cry, and then they placed him on my chest, and he's had my heart ever since.

 We've always had so much fun together! 

 Our new family of four...that seems like forever ago!
Jonah's little hat and coveralls were from The Children's Place and it was my favorite outfit on him- I still remember dressing him in it!

I had such a fun day decorating and baking up yummy treats for his party tonight. He didn't really want a particular theme, but he did have one request: a "death by chocolate" cake. Um, sure! I went with it.  =)

Here are just a couple pictures so far...

 I made fresh whipped cream and added more berries to to the top- it was heavenly!

I just love making the place look festive- it makes me feel like the luckiest Mom in the whole world, and it makes my heart so happy!

These little showstoppers are so, so good! I'm going to share the recipes later this week...

Have a great night!

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