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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jonah's Death By Chocolate Party

This year, Jonah's birthday party was a low-key but lots-of-fun family celebration. I had to laugh when, with a twinkle in his hazel eyes, he told me he wanted a cake so chocolatey he'd die. Of course he immediately assured me he was kidding about the dying part, he just wanted to make sure I got the message about the chocolate part.  ;o)

Message received, loud and clear. A boy after my own heart. Jonah has definitely inherited his Mama's sweet tooth- while Ethan would nibble on his Easter bunny or other treat, I'd turn my back for a split second and whole entire ears (or very large pieces) would be gone! Bill and I would just lose it laughing- Jonah could devour those sweets SO fast! Of course there was the inevitable chocolate river dribble down the chin, but that adorable cherub face could handle a little, um, chocolate slime.

And now...12 years old! We know God has BIG plans for this smart, funny & talented boy!

On the morning of his birthday (Tuesday), Ethan had an ortho appointment, Jonah had a big Egypt project to turn in, and I had some treats for his class, so things started out a bit hectic. It was also kind of a big deal to go to school on his birthday since it usually falls on the week of Winter Break.

As tradition goes, we make lollipops for friends at school, but this year Jonah didn't want me to make them. Gasp! I think he was afraid of me embarrassing him. What nonsense, right? I don't need lollipops to embarrass a kid! Cake Bites did the trick. =)

I'll write a post with the two recipes tomorrow. And I have no idea why there is only one half of the Oreo Truffle. No idea at all, er-hmm.

Okay, so technically, this shot was taken after the party- see the candle hole?- but in my defense that was the only time I had natural light and it was so pretty I wanted a "real" photo of it. It got dark early and started to snow again Tuesday afternoon.

 I would've turned it around, but there is nothing there! It was yummy!

Some photos of party central...

Jonah really loves bright, bold colors, and sports. He also chose to eat out for his birthday dinner, so I saved where I could. Dollar store plates, napkins and balloons to the rescue.

 The one above is the mirror's reflection- I thought it looked so neat!

Leftover pieces of crepe paper make a great colorful backdrop for the table.

Isabelle had gone to a friend's house so I had a few uninterrupted hours to decorate and bake, and I felt so happy making things festive for Jonah. I know he was a little disappointed not to have a "friend party" this year, but we'll have a big bash for his 13th. Ugh. I don't even want to think about that!

Let's think about chocolate instead...

One last look at the birthday cake, an explosion of chocolate, berries and fresh cream- yum!

I hope Jonah felt adored and celebrated on his special day! Thank you Mimi & Grampy and Grandma & Grandpa!

I'll have that recipe soon, and I'm still stocking up my little Etsy shop, so if you know of anyone looking for some pretty handmade clothes...wink wink  ;)

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day!

If you'd like, you can read about Jonah's 11th birthday party.

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The Whites said...

That cake looks YUMMY!!! Could you mail me a slice?? haha looks like he had a fun party :-)

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