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1 Corinthians 3:17

Monday, May 20, 2013

Doggie Birthdays and First Bouquets

Friday was just an all-around big day in our house! The festivities continued late into the night...

Well, no, not really. But we did have golden cupcakes to celebrate Ryder's 2nd birthday! And Bill totally spoiled him and got him special puppy ice-cream cups. All this and he still would not wear the Birthday Sombrero.

Jonah held it over his head and this is the closest we got. HA If this photo doesn't scream "Heeelllpp meeeeee" I don't know what does! And disregard those nasty socks in the background, mm'kay? Thanks.

So cute! He was quite the eager beaver during his little party! Sweetie dog. I'm almost ready to forgive him for trampling my brand new plant. And taking a chunk out of my favorite sandals. Almost....

Speaking of plants, our very first bouquet in our new house!!!

My niece was checking on the kitties while we were away in Virginia last month and accidentally locked herself out of the house, so she went next door to ask for help. Our neighbors here are the best, so we thought we'd bring this over as a little thank-you. It may look a little meager, but I was still excited about it! Isabelle was a big help holding the jar of water, and she only spilled it twice.  ;)

We've got a super busy week ahead of us! Daisy Troop and a baseball game are on tonight's agenda. I love it! Happy Monday!

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