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1 Corinthians 3:17

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Overscheduled, and Playing Hooky (just a little bit)

Yesterday morning Ethan had an orthodontist's appointment, which of course I didn't remember when scheduling Caleb's orthopedic appointment...for 15 minutes later. Ouch. Needless to say, it messed everyone me up and became one of those kinds of mornings. I'm so not used to have to get all 4 of them ready and in the car by 7:25!
I had some errands and somehow found myself in a fabric store. It's like an internal GPS or something, just guiding me, and of course I'm helpless to change course. Isabelle was going to a friend's house so I didn't have to rush, which was divine, and I spent an hour flitting from aisle to aisle admiring colors and prints and textures. Even that new cloth smell! I think I see Fabricholics Anonymous in my not-so-distant future, right? HA The high was short-lived. I really needed some particular fabric and they didn't have it. Ugh. Then the rest of my free time was all used up waiting in line for the slowest cutting person ever -- if she had been nicer I wouldn't be mentioning it now, but she wasn't. High-killer #3. Then, oh, then I nearly died. Or punched someone right there in the check-out line. Some lady was smacking and snarfing and slurping her chewing gum SO loudly I thought I was about to have a heart attack! I could literally feel my face and neck turn tomato red as I stood there, forced to listen, and my poor little heart thumping away faster faster faster. ACK! GAG! Thank goodness I was called up before the dry heaves kicked in, because they weren't far behind, let me tell you.
So, yeah.
Well, I returned home, took the poor dog out -in the rain- and proceeded to do absolutely nothing. It was FANTASTIC!! I refused to check email or Etsy mail or anything at all and made myself a nice, hot lunch and sat down and watched TV. I may have even whipped up a ginormous sundae (with frozen yogurt of course) and ate that too, all whilst watching more TV. I felt so irresponsible, and it didn't even bother me! Until about 38 minutes in when I got sick of sitting there and couldn't stop thinking about the gazillion and one things I've got to get done. But those 38 minutes? PURE BLISS.

So, the really great news is that Caleb might be into a walking cast next week! I'm soooo relieved, as the summer list was pretty short, having to take a cast into consideration for everything. And he brought me home a present. Something he made in art class, and I love it!

Gorgeous colors! My boy knows me well!  =)

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