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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Our Week in Pictures

Our last full week of school before SUMMER. I'm one of those types that gets all panicky and frets over the stuff I didn't do that I set out to do rather than celebrating all that I did do. Ya know? Trying to overcome that- because it's really no fun and extremely NOT helpful- but it's totally my nature. Anyway, it's been a crazy busy week, and I'm feeling severely a little off kilter and out of balance. I'm grateful for all the new orders coming my way but I honestly don't know how I'm going to keep up now that we'll all be home. And doing fun summery things! Speaking of which, I still need to get that summer calendar all marked up!

We're all quite anxious to kiss this ol' thing goodbye! And believe you me, it is waaaaay dirtier/stinkier/grosser now than it was a week ago here! Plus, he boasts of all his signatures from the older 5th grade girls who make a fuss over him. Smooth kid!

Busted out the sparklers for Daddy's actual birthday.

How can this baby boy of mine be heading off to high school in the fall? I.Cannot.Believe.It.

I've got great recipes to share, and some new tutorials too. Coming soon...I think...

Date night twirling. No, I haven't gotten her out of this new dress yet!
And smooching. She said she wasn't actually touching his skin because she didn't want to "erase" her lip gloss. ha ha

The other day in the store, Isabelle kept stopping me to take my picture. Like, making me pose. What!?! It was hysterical, but by the twelfth time, it was getting old. Sorry, baby girl, I've been doing this to you your whole little life! Now I feel your pain!
Then I hear her mumbling, "Wait, let me just get this shot" for something or other on the store shelf. I think I nearly died when I heard her say she had to "get it from a different angle" and that "the light is terrible in here!" Ha Ha That's my girl, all right!

Our backyard prairie beckons wildlife. So cute! Now there are two!

The kitties get a little loopy when the backyard bunnies pay a visit. Maybe there will be some baby bunnies know what they say! We had a beautiful deer out here one morning, too.

A big highlight this week was Isabelle's Kindergarten Success Night! When she first announced it at the dinner table a few weeks ago, my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as I about choked on my roll. Why? you ask. Isabelle's pronunciation lacked a little, well, precision -- she was actually inviting us all to her S-x (trying to avoid creepy people on the blog by not spelling the word out) Night at school, and she was very proud. Very! We all busted a gut over that one, and of course she realized she was onto something good so then she wouldn't stop saying it. Sigh. It still makes me giggle.  =)

She has made the most wonderful little friends this year. So thankful for friends and amazing teachers!

I can never resist getting the kids something for the end of school. Pitiful, right? Maybe I'm secretly hoping that they will take it easy on me that first full week. You know, the one where everyone is on edge and dealing with their own emotions from saying goodbye to friends and beloved teachers. And totally going out of their way to tease, cajole, and otherwise irritate their siblings. Yeah, that one.
I think I mostly just like to surprise them and get them geared up for a happy summer. We don't splurge on things very often, so this feels like a fun little splurge to me. It's mostly things like flip flops, frisbees, water toys and the like, plus one or two special things. A new fishing pole for the crippled one brought a big smile to his face!

It's a beautiful Saturday morning - we haven't seen the sun for several days now - and all the colors in Jonah's room just looked so pretty. (I was sneaky and placed the things on their beds while they ate breakfast. Which might have included something yummy from an early morning trek to Dunkin Donuts with my Jonah.) It is almost summer after all!

Isabelle was at her best friend's house yesterday, and we didn't get home until 8 o'clock, which may not seem like anything too big until you consider the fact that I left to get her at 4:45. My explanation? Girls just need to talk more than boys do. And they didn't even question me on it! I did apologize for completely ditching them for dinner and such, but Bill is super capable...not to worry!

And one more of the rabbits because they're so darn cute!
He's all, Look Baby, I'm leaping, I can LEAP! And she...well, I guess she's not as easily impressed as I am,  =)

Happy Saturday!

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