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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

First Floor Powder Room Finished. Kinda. Mostly.

Maybe that title should read "First Floor Powder Room...Phase 1 aaaaand 3/4." I am about 99% sure of what I want above the loo, but then it's a matter of finding it, finding it at the right price, scouring through what we already have (if I can ever find that stuff somewhere in the basement or garage ever again) to make sure I haven't overlooked some hidden gem. I've got mouths to feed, people. And laundry. Oh the laundry. Not much time leftover these days.  :)


I should have posted this a little while ago, but I guess the busyness of summer kept it out of mind. Here were our humble beginnings. Buy-bye purple heater. And trim.

This cabinet may not look heavy, but it very nearly cost me my life. Okay, not really. But it was super heavy.

And it hid a myriad of lovely surprises. Holes in the wall. Big ones. (That one is a small one, just to clarify.)

And now, here she is. It's a very small space with no natural light, but it works, and I actually really like it, although it is rather tricky to photograph. The major changes in here were...well, the bathtub stayed put. Everything else got the axe. So, basically just some sweat, probably a tear or two, and a little dough. This bathroom re-do didn't break any banks, that's for sure, but that was kind of the point. We weren't looking to win any special loo awards, just update and freshen the space as easily and budget-friendly as we could.

While this under mount granite counter may seem like a splurge, it was actually cheaper than any options at Lowe's or HD (local store). I am not in love with granite as most folks these days are, but I will admit that this does make me smile. So pretty and classic looking!
I've included this photo of the granite still in the box because it shows its true colors...gorgeous!...and next to the dark wood, it picks up on the those darker tones. It is pretty cool.  =) 

And now with the lights off...
This was not the lighting fixture I had my little ole heart set on. We'd chosen a similar looking one, but with an oval centered mount. Then we planned to frame out the mirror. It was going to be fabulous. There was, however, a slight problem with our plan: unevenly spaced studs in that corner of the room, so no room for a junction box; plus, the holes in the wall sort of dictated where things needed to be placed because we were so over patching holes and drywall and painting by this point! All that to say, this fixture is a bar one, like those Hollywood globe lights. Once it was up (and I like it, so, phew!), though, we thought that framing the mirror would be a little toomuchofagoodthing going on on this tiny space. We can always lower the mirror and frame it later should we change our minds.

After priming and painting over the kind-of oak cabinets in the kitchen, I really missed not having any darker cabinetry. So the bathroom was the perfect space to go a little darker. I love the little cheery pop of the blue walls in contrast to the darker wood and fixtures and creamy whites. For a windowless space, it's quite bright and happy in here.

I already owned the shower curtain and liked the texture/color of it in here, but it barely reached the edge of the tub when I positioned the curtain rod higher up on the wall (which was a definite must to disguise the old, very beige bathtub). I had just finished working on some nightgowns for a customer so this print was fresh on my mind...and I had just enough to sew up a panel along the bottom. Problem solved.

Oh, hello there! ha ha
The wainscotting and trim look dingy in some of the photos, but they're a lovely creamy white color.

I liked the idea of hooks instead of a towel bar in here, and since primarily just two people shower regularly in here, we opted for two instead of three.

A close-up of the Noah's Ark wall hanging my mother made when the boys were babies. I'm thinking of finding a skinny stick or branch and using twine instead of this get-up here, but I just love this special piece. I didn't want it to be front and center, so to speak, but I like the whimsy it adds from peeking out behind the door.

So what now?
Not anymore! (Now you know why the first floor bath was on my mind....because I'm up to my elbows in this one!)
I think that's all...time to go pick up some kiddos!

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Lindsay said...

it definitely looks much more modern with the new changes! getting rid of the old cabinet has a big impact.

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