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1 Corinthians 3:17

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Morning Randomness

Totally random post. I started this post days and days ago, but my mind is in jumbles. Proceed with caution. Or just laugh at me. Whatever.  ;)

Random Thing #1:
The mornings have been SO DARK recently. It makes it hard to get moving. I'm the type who thinks the day is nearly over by 10 am, and while I'm generally pretty productive, I find myself feeling slightly frazzled at 9:58 and I start rushing around to get done. Weird, I know.

Random Thing #2:
Gravity has shifted. This is my theory anyway, because I refuse to believe that I can no longer manage to paint the upper corners of the bathroom while balancing on the edge of the bathtub. Without difficulty, that is.

Random Thing #3:
Fall is here and it's amazingly beautiful, and it's all going by so very quickly. Which makes me sad. I want certain things to linger, but time keeps bulldozing past us as normal.

Random Thing #4:
I should not be allowed to buy peanut M&Ms. Friends, if you see me with a bag (or 8) in hand, I beg of you, please stop me. At all costs. Even if I tell you that they're just for trail mix. Because I'm lying, right to your face.

Random Thing #5:
These things I can stare down without devouring. But they look so cute on the kitchen counter in my fall tea cup!

Random Thing #6:
Being a Mom is hard work. So many fears and worries and doubts. But my God is bigger than all that, for which I'm forever grateful.

Random Thing #7:
I feel the need to warn anyone contemplating painting their heater a coordinating color - don't do it! Just...don't. Please & Thank you.

Random Thing #8:
I'm having a slight identity crisis. Between my little shop and this blog and what I really want to do (write books) and and and... this is laughable because I'm sure nobody really cares, but it totally stresses me out. Weird. Again. Noticing a trend?   =)

Random Thing #9:
I can't stop thinking about the fact that we've been out of our decade+ home for over a year now. One whole year. One whole year! I try and remind myself that it isn't that easy to complete the projects on the To-Do list in this house while, oh I don't know, having a life, taking care of four children, dealing with their schedules. Just the other day, I psyched myself up enough to drive past our old home. And you know? It was okay, it wasn't as painful as it was before. I'm thankful for that. It really helped me start considering this place our home now.

Random Thing #10:
I'm falling hopelessly in love with the baby girl things that I'm supposed to be selling. Her closet will definitely be more loaded with goodies than mine ever will be! Like, ever!!! (Isabelle's always has been. ;) I haven't shared any of her cute fall outfits...I'll try to do that next week.)

That's it for now...Have a wonderful Saturday! We had friends over last night for homemade pizza and a bonfire, and we get to do it again tonight! Well, not pizza again, ha!

ps- Here is something new at Rose & Ruffle- what do you think?
(Yes, this one's actually for sale.) 

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Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

I am pretty random sometimes, too! You crack me up...

Your new shop items are lovely!!

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