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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Isabelle Kate's First Soccer Game!

Yesterday was one of those beautiful days, productive, quiet, peaceful. As I was hanging laundry out to dry in the warm sunshine, it dawned on me that the feeling I'd had all morning long Absolute contentedness. I baked cookies and enjoyed staring at cloth, simply because I could. Don't judge. I even did some Wii Fit and THEN whipped up some meatballs to freeze for future use! Oh yes I did. Besides, they will save my life at some point this week or next, I kid you not.

And then the crazy picked up. Juggling three conflicting soccer schedules, a choir get-together, unexpected schedule changes (soccer) which threw everything off even more, dinner in rotations, hellos, see-ya laters, gently issuing homework reminders. And of course guilt over not seeing Jonah's game. Ugh.

Somehow I got Isabelle out the door for her practice and scrimmage, and I was glad we were only a couple minutes late. Until I got there and saw a million vibrant-shirted children already gathered together in the center of the fields. I was completely overwhelmed! I had no idea what her coach looked like, what color her team was, and there were sooo many people! I asked around and finally got pointed in the right direction, but I felt really badly for IK because she sensed my nerves, plus she had her own nerves going on. Poor thing. I almost thought she was going to ask me to take her home, but she joined right in and had a great time. We haven't done little soccer since Caleb was small - I forgot how stinking cute they all look!
Look at that expression, ha!
That's why I wasn't holding out much hope...

Oh yes, and in the middle of the field, she starts cramming her way-too-big t-shirt into those teensy shorts, tugging and pushing and twisting - she had all these lopsided lumps and bumps everywhere! So funny!
Bill had gotten her a pair of hot pink shin guards and socks, and I kind of poo-pooed them, so I didn't bring them with us. Bad move. Every single kid there had them on! That was never the case when Caleb played at this age. Oops. Loser Mom.
That's her I'mstillnotsureofthis face

And then, BAM! She took off and never looked back!
 Now that's a happy face!

Girlfriend gets right in there! Fearless!

The whole time I was just praying that nobody kicked those little unprotected legs!

She adores Ethan, and she was beaming when she got to throw the ball in like he does. It really doesn't get much better than that for me, but oh, how quickly it is all going by!

This even looks like the way Ethan moves across the field! So amazing!

And there's always time to help a new friend.  =)

Oh, so today it's raining, which means the clothes I forgot to take off the line are getting an extra rinse. And those meatballs I was so proud of? Forgot to turn off the oven before I left...they're slightly...crunchy. Mmm.

I'm pretty excited about the new facebook page. Thank you to everyone who has liked it! Be sure to check it out because I'll be posting discounts and sales there. I also got my very first business cards yesterday! Pretty exciting stuff. Speaking of exciting stuff, now I'm off to vacuum. :)

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Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

Just liked your new FB page! :)
We took a season off from soccer (so glad for that right now since things are CRAZY here!) It looks like she had a lot of fun!

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