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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our Family Room Fall-ified...and How We Share the Space for a Home Office/Sewing Nook

Nice title, right?
I was debating adding "...and Red Hair," but decided against it. Wish I'd decided against this color. In the spirit of fall, I was going for a rich, auburn hue and instead now resemble Ronald McDonald. Yikes! Maybe we can just pretend I'm red-haired Sydney Bristow (from Season 1), 'cuz I'm not gonna lie, that would be pretty cool.
We were sweating buckets this week with crazy-hot temps and I just couldn't bring myself to haul the fall decorations up from the basement until yesterday afternoon. Today is absolutely the best kind of fall day- big puffy white clouds scattered about that perfect robin's egg-blue sky and coolish breezes giving you the slightest bit of chill. I love it all! Truth be told, I still have yet to locate some of my things- probably because when we moved I had the stuff already out, so I put it where I was sure I'd find it later, and then promptly began setting up for Christmas. Yeah, now I have no idea where it is... but here's what I did find, all set up and looking pretty in our family room.

I had a favorite corner in our other home. (I just spent 9 minutes looking for a pic of it but to no avail...)This is becoming my favorite corner here.  =)

We have a medium sized black letter "P" to go on the top right side. Next to the one frame I neglected to paint ivory. Oops. Someday.

Here's what this room looked like a few months ago. In my defense, the all-house overhaul had taken its toll and I needed a break. Kind of a blank slate... I don't love the tan panels in here, but I do like how they look in terms of length. That little "fishers of men" lampshade got a teensy make-over this summer.
If you're a facebook fan (you can find me on facebook HERE) then you saw my picture of my sidekick/helper. This is one of the pillow covers I was working on. It's actual staff with words and notes and everything! I can't make it out clearly enough to figure out what song it is, but I will try when I'm really bored someday. The other new pillows are the floral prints on the couch. One caution about leather furniture- your pillows don't stay put! And the larger the pillow, well, forget about it! It will always be on the floor.

More help!  =)

A handmade treasure from Caleb's kindergarten days. :)

Now here's the other half of the room: our office and sewing space
Notice how I let go of my pride and didn't even tidy up first? 
We're going to put up two large white shelves above the sewing table - a place to hold all those trims and buttons and threads, etc. It's going to be wonderful!!!
I wrote about this space earlier in the year, and though it isn't perfect, I was able to reuse nearly everything from our previous home office, and those things I was lacking I stole from other rooms in the house. The two shelves and pink baskets were new, but the baskets were on clearance.

Oh, and that big stash of burp cloths and bibs? Those are for sale, and I've got quite a few so...please buy one. Pleeeease.

Here's one last photo of the layout of the two spaces. It's challenging for me to keep my sewing stuff under control, but since it's in plain view, it sort of forces me to. Most of the time.  =)

The next post I write about our home will be another kitchen one! That room sure has changed, AGAIN! Here is the first kitchen post, and a post about organizing on a budget. I'll share how we transformed this horrid looking stuff under the cabinets. Happy Saturday!

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