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1 Corinthians 3:17

Monday, September 16, 2013

Mount Moosilauke & More Isabelle Funnyisms

What a fabulous weekend we had! Lots of friends, good food & fun! We were even able to take our first family hike since Caleb busted up his leg over Memorial Day weekend.
We're no experts for sure, but I think it's safe to say that we are a hiking family. Yesterday we tackled Mt Moosilauke...well, we attempted to tackle, but I have to admit it - it beat us. We were nearly three hours and 3,000 feet in, schlepping our way through squishy, slippery mud, scaling rocks and boulders (lots and LOTS of rocks), and it just got to be too much for poor Isabelle's little legs. I felt bad because I knew she couldn't really go any farther, and I knew how much the boys wanted to press on, so that kind of stunk. I thought about carrying her- or rather having Daddy carry her- but it just wouldn't have been safe, and frankly, we need another broken bone like we need a second mortgage.
Summit or not, we had a great day and marveled at all God has created for us to enjoy.
{We're still praying for all those in Colorado right now.}

This last shot was in the car, through the window, with me wrenching backwards and basically pointing the camera over my shoulder without looking. Not bad, right?  :)
Bill and I were SO impressed with Caleb on the mountain, so proud of him! Very thankful too, that he is regaining full use of his leg and ankle. We have another x-ray scheduled later this week to re-evaluate, which will determine whether or not he'll need surgery, but I don't really want to think about that possibility right now so I'll simply focus on what fun we had yesterday.
Did you notice the hair? I've washed it, oh, 7 times since Friday night. 21 more shampoos to go. I think it's not quite as Ronald McDonald, phew!
 Oh that girl of mine. She was so funny yesterday. Nothing but quotes will do for these!

When I expressed concern for Daddy carrying the heavy pack, Isabelle whips around and tilts her head, hand on hip, and advises me not to "worry myself about it because Daddy is strong and can handle it." Well then. HA

Later on, when she was beginning to struggle maneuvering the mud and rocks, I tried to distract her by announcing that I saw those little mini-trees, which means only one thing: fairies are nearby! Her response wasn't what I'd thought it would be- "Mom (in a somewhat stern, authoritative voice), I think you know that the Tooth Fairy is the only real fairy, and she is not here." Oh boy, did I giggle over that one!

The last cute thing was on the way back down, when she was really struggling with mud and rocks. I suggested she walk in a zig-zag fashion to help her keep her balance. That somehow perked her right up. So imagine my laughter when I hear this little cheerful chirp of a voice behind me, singing out but only to herself, "Ziiiiiig, ziiiiiig, ziiiiiiiiiiig, no, that's not a zag. Ziiiiiiiig, ziiiiiiiiiiiiig, um, no, still not ready for a zag. Ziiiig, ziiiiiig, ziiiiiiig, oh yes, that's a zag all right. Zaaaaaag."
Cutest.Thing.Ever.  =)

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