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Monday, March 3, 2014

Family Fun + New Spring/Summer Nightgowns & Pajamas

Not only is it Monday morning already, but it's the first full week of March! I'm thrilled that this means beautiful Spring is making her mad dash to relieve us of cold and snow, but at the same time, I don't. If only time would slow, just a little. I can't believe that when I look back on the boys being small, so many years have now passed! It's true, what they tell you: the years really do fly by.

Today marks the day that I am an official homeschooling parent to three now. I thought I'd be a little anxious and nervous, but I'm just too excited to be nervous! As long as I have a plan...and I've got a plan, ha! Our state's school vacation was last week, so of course I threw a few trial runs in there to see what worked, and what doesn't work quite so well. Idle time for two of my three boys =  not working so well.  =) No big surprise there, I guess. Our mornings, in particular, are going to feel very different with this new schedule. A good different (I think).

Right before vacation, I was a chaperone for Isabelle Katie's class to the New England Aquarium- it was so much fun, but also a little stressful! That place gets ridiculously crowded, which of course is intensified when you're responsible for more than just your child.
This is kind of a silly, non-thrilling picture, and it's about the only one I have- Mothers watching little kids (who may or may not exactly listen to you, ahem) = NO TIME FOR TAKING PICTURES 

On one of our fun days last week, we got all bundled up and spent a few hours snow tubing and snowboarding over at Pat's Peak in Henniker, NH. It's a pretty small mountain, but it's close by and very family-friendly; I didn't grow up skiing and boarding, so the bigger places feel way out of my comfort zone and easily intimidate me. Sorry kids, I'm sure you're scarred now and this will one day come back to haunt me. HA

There were also fun trips to the library, ice skating, movie days, extra special (and super delicious) treats made all week long, and on Friday, we celebrated my Dad's birthday with some extended family - well, actually, there might have been a teensy bit of drama surrounding that, but that's for another time. Sometimes it's especially hard being a girl, when you're extra sensitive to things that might ordinarily not affect you quite so much, but then you kind of lose it, oh, for about an hour or so. Yeah, that's probably enough said, ha!

I bet you're hoping I share a recipe for these scrumptious looking cream-cheese topped brownies, aren't you? (Later this week)

I even managed to squeeze in some sewing time. I am loving these cute little things for spring & summer! These are currently for sale, and you can get details by visiting my shop, Rose & Ruffle.

Okay, I just noticed the time, and I've got to get moving. This is an exciting week already because I will have another teenager in my crew as of Wednesday! I am so proud of the young man my Jonah is becoming- what a privilege to be his Mom!

One last thing... on the way home from Bible Study last night, Caleb leans forward and poses a question. Now, two things to keep in mind here: 1) Caleb somehow picked up this strange backwoods-Maine-meets-the-Bronx kind of accent when he began speaking- we have NO idea where it came from! When it's not driving me nuts it's actually quite amusing; and 2) he had such sincerity and utter innocence in his voice at the time.

"Hey Dad?"
"Yes, Caleb?"
"Can you ever close your eyes and just think of nothin'?"

This spontaneously sets off Round One of us dying in the front seat, and he adds:

"'Cause I just did it."

Aaaand cue Round Two. Oh did that have us in stitches for the whole rest of the way home!

For the record, his Dad's answer was what I expected: "Sure, whenever I want."
Ha Ha Ha Ladies, can you even imagine??? There is always something swirling around in my brain!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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