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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Best of our Busy Week

I was just going to type "Happy Monday morning," but since here we are already at Wednesday, I think the ship may have sailed on that one. I don't ever want to forget the snippets of my life with these crazy-wonderful people, so today is definitely a more journal-like post of the past week or so.

Caleb with me, pre-game (they won!)

This is pretty much all I'm ever able to capture for one of Ethan's soccer games.
A big blurrrrrrrr. Boy is fast! ;)

Ah, and the big braces day! We had to commemorate by going out for lunch.
Plus, I was pretty sure he wouldn't be able to eat later on once the soreness kicked in. Such a nice time, just the two of us.

Mother's Day flowers we arranged for Mimi and Grandma.
(I didn't notice the tag until afterwards...oops.) I don't care how many commercials lately try to steer me away from flowers, it's never going to work. Flowers are always the best!

 I got whisked away for a Mother's Day hike up in the White Mountains. I'm going to do a separate post on that because, well, it deserves it. =)
This turkey of mine, taking an icy cold dip.

Such a beautiful day!

Visiting with Great Gram on Mother's Day
Caleb and Daddy are missing- they had gone to give Grandma her flowers only to discover that she was was with my s-i-l and her family for the twentieth time that weekend. So they dropped them off. Great. That made me pretty annoyed to have missed out on this for nothing.

 Moving on. These two are something else. 
FYI, I don't do elevators. And of course they all jump to make poor Mom howl. It works. Every time.

This is them last week. Something about staring in each other's eyes until they became a cyclops? Love is weird, I guess. ha ha

 And this boy. This friendly, talkative, adventurous boy of mine. Well, he has a fierce competitive streak, and I got to watch him pitch for the first time the other night. I am a wimpy sports Mom- I watch with a giant pit in my stomach because I get so nervous for them. Every. Single. Time. Every. Single. Sport.
The parents were really great this time, encouraging Caleb the whole time; in years' past, it's the parents who yell the most awful things when things don't go perfectly well. I've kept my distance a little bit because I don't know them, but maybe I'll put in a little effort this week.
He pitched like a pro, by the way.  ;)

Since most of the places I want to bring the boys aren't even open yet (Memorial Day weekend, which stinks, in my humble opinion), we opted for America's Stonehenge in Salem yesterday. It is touted around these parts like some magnificent, awe-inspiring wonder of history.
Um, it's a bunch of rocks.
Neat, but awesome? I think not.

This spot looked a little more interesting in person, but it's still nice.

Fuzzy alpacas on site. A sign said they make wonderful pets. Hmm.....
I thought we were going to be able to get close and pet them, but no. Don't they look like they want me to come see them???

We bought a special rock in the gift shop in honor of our day at Stonehenge. I thought it might look more impressive if they'd bothered to remove the "Made in Brazil" stickers from them, but oh well. I'd planned a little ahead and found a Domino's pizza place because I had a gift card, so we enjoyed a lovely pizza picnic. With supremely overpriced but pretty yummy pastries from the local bakery next door, I might add. 

The funniest part of the day?
One of the pizza guys kept giving us extras, even though the gift card was already emptied out, which was nothing out of the ordinary...except that Ethan couldn't get over the fact that the guy was working so hard to impress me. Ha Ha! Ethan was thoroughly disgusted, and kept letting me know it. It's like all of a sudden, he sees things differently, and stuff like that doesn't get past him like it used to. I thought his being protective of his Mama was so cute. (And for the record, all I did was smile, and say "thank you.")

Okay, busy day ahead. Have a great one!

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