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1 Corinthians 3:17

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hello there!

It's really dark outside, so I'm thinking we're in for a rainy Friday. I don't mind. We've been so busy, it's almost like permission to just take it easy. There has been loads of fun stuff, but other things that have been painful and hurtful lately, too. Life is wonderful but it can be so hard sometimes, too. I think we need a little break today.

Well, over the weekend we celebrated a birthday! My husband's birthday was on Sunday- he got so spoiled! I made him my famous marbled cheesecake AND my to-die-for fudge cake...yum! I also had made plans to take him out to dinner Saturday night, just the two of us. What he didn't know was that I'd been a little sneaky and had arranged for several friends to meet up with us as a surprise. It was so much fun and we all had a great time!

Of course we had to cut our evening a little short to head over to Ethan's soccer game. I guess we weren't quite fast enough because the kids were standing out on the sidewalk with my Mom and Dad- the game ended 10 minutes before we actually got there. Oops. That's what happens when you're having fun with your friends! And then we find out that Ethan scored four (FOUR!) goals! I really wished I'd seen that, but since no one has yet invented the machine which allows you to be in two places at once...

Out on the town with my man =)

Lastly, our front yard reno is nearly complete, and oh, what a difference! I'm mourning the loss of my beloved Columbine in one of the foundation gardens, but everything else is thriving. And now we have that beautiful fuzzy grass sprouting in what was formerly known as "the pet cemetery." I'll have some befores and afters to share soon!

I know I've been much quieter on both this blog and over at Rose & Ruffle, but I'm just trying to navigate my way. I thought I'd post a Friday Feature there in honor of all things summer, so I'm highlighting one of my favorite little girl's dresses over at my Rose & Ruffle blog.

You can find me on Instagram under 'roseandruffle' if you want to see more day-to-day happenings. Pretty exciting stuff, I tell ya.  ;)
 Have a wonderful weekend!!

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Lindsay said...

Sounds like you have been busy! I am welcoming the sun after a few dreary days here.

That is ironic- I thought my columbine was choked out and actually FOUND two clumps of it! Woohoo! I am actually working on my flowers a lot this year. I found poison ivy, too.

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