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1 Corinthians 3:17

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

This Homeschooling Stuff Is Great (but soooo time-consuming!)

Hey Hey, long time, no...see? Write? Whatever. I'm finding that contrary to popular belief, I cannot, in fact, do it all. Our days have been filled to the brim with...

 I just cannot get enough of watching this boy of mine! He loves the game! LOVES it!
Play-offs begin tonight, and with his team's 22-0 victory the other night, they're now ranked #1!
(That was a bitterly painful game to watch- we were all rooting for the other team by the 3rd inning!)

 And THIS! Wow, there have been some huge changes in our front yard! I'll share some pics soon- it is going to look so much better I can hardly stand it!

So, educating the boys, keeping up with Isabelle, sewing (and more sewing- thank you, BTW!), cooking, cleaning, field tripping, reading, playing, etc etc - I even attended my first city council meeting as a parent the other night!- has left little time for blogging. I feel kind of guilty for not keeping better track of our day to day, but then there is also more free time to actually live in the moment and not have to have that blogger mindset about everything we do.

Oh, I forgot about our special weekend! The boys had their annual spring weekend in Maine with my Dad, and thankfully, there were no brain injuries or trips to the ER this time!!! We loved having Isabelle to ourselves for a few days! I think the feeling was mutual. ;) One day we surprised her and took her to a local butterfly nursery. So much fun!

Instagram is wonderfully easy, so I do keep up on the day to day there - you can find me at roseandruffle if you'd like. Following along would be life-changing for you, I'm sure! =)

Today we're going to make our official Summer List...yay! And yesterday we enjoyed the first official swim of the season at the lake! Such a beautiful, beautiful day! (Here is our 2012 Summer List )

I've made these things at least three times in the past month because they are so easy and yummy. I'd share where I got the idea...but I have no idea! Probably something on Pinterest, and now that I've tried it, there's no going back.
 Oh, I guess I was going to do a little post on them. Not really necessary I guess. You make rice krispie treats, chop up some Oreos and toss 'em in. So, so good! (I like adding regular chocolate and the new vanilla (?)/ pale/ blonde Oreos- these must have been spring ones last month because of the yellow creme. See? No time for blogging anymore!)

Hope you have a great day wherever you are and whatever you're doing!

ps- thanks to all who reached out to me the other week- I will probably write a post soon about that because I think it's important to share ideas on keeping our children safe, but not just yet. I'll tell you that yesterday I received a phone call from a detective, which made me feel all CSI, or maybe Law and Order-ish. Whatever happens, I trust in the God of the universe and in His promises that good will prevail, and that every single "bad" thing that happens in life provides an opportunity to reveal His glory and goodness. What better news could there be when we Mamas get so worried and anxious about our children? We don't have to live in fear! We can choose to trust and live confidently!

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