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1 Corinthians 3:17

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Another Fun Week of Summer

It's a rainy, muggy Tuesday here. I can feel my hair getting wider and bigger as I type. Lovely. Anyhoo, I'd better type fast because I promised chocolate chip pancakes this morning, and well, they don't just make themselves.  ;)

I had my two middle favorite adventurers out at the seacoast one day. These guys make me smile. 

We took a little detour on the way home so I could surprise them with a McFlurry, which is not the norm for us, and then I thought I remembered a shortcut. Which led me in the opposite direction about 5 miles before I even realized. And THEN I thought I could get back via a certain avenue, and no. Another 15 minutes out of the way. By this point, that big ol' iced tea I had was kicking in. We got laughing pretty hard over that one, and we fiiiinally made it home.  =)

Oh this. I forgot I'd been getting in some nice early morning walks. Not so much this past week.

I don't know why, but I get beyond happy to see my dog playing in the water. I literally squeal and call for him, clapping my hands and jumping up and down, probably to the extreme embarrassment of the people around me who may now be pretending they don't know me. Maybe it's because he used to be so scared of water, and it reminds me of how far he's come. Well, it's super fun to watch him whatever the reasoning.
Poor Ryder got in a tangle with an evil aggressive neighborhood dog a couple of weeks ago, and it was really bad. The vet said we were lucky because he was close to needing his tail amputated. Thankfully it has nearly all healed and he is no longer in pain. He's kind of messed up psychologically, though- he's even more nervous and frantic than before. Poor baby.

My classy gang. I love them more than words can even express.
Another splurge. Nah. Gift cards. Gotta love those gift cards.

Leave it to Jonah to find some critter wherever we go. We ventured far from home for one last hurrah before camp week. This is a Northern Pike, or something like that. Fish and things don't normally creep me out, but this guy screamed creepy. When he opened his mouth he looked like a cross between a platypus and a crocodile, and he had the body of an eel. Yuck.

These pictures look like they're from the same day. Nope. We spend a lot of time in the water when we're frazzled and crazy-hot. Sweet little ducks. There was a younger family that paraded through our area later on- they still had fuzz! So cute!

Sneakers knew something was up and kept his people close by all week long. As in, on my table and counter tops. Ugh. Gross.

Back at the ocean. My favorite place. Even though someone sat on my glasses. =)

Jonah found the teeniest sand dollar I've ever seen!

I referred to this as 'mercy laundry" on instagram. Last minute things that they just had to have with them at camp. I must say, I got away with something like two loads of laundry for The.Entire.Week. Wow!

A certain little someone was beyond excited to see a certain big someone again. Sigh.
Notice how he isn't hugging back (in front of friends) but he let her stay "attached" for several minutes before finally sending her on her way, back to me. =)

And now we are all under one roof again. That feels so good.

Here is a blueberry coffeecake that I have been making since I was a newlywed. About a hundred years ago. ha ha It's the best...I'll share the recipe soon!

Happy Tuesday!!

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