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Monday, July 14, 2014

My Special Day of Fun with Caleb and Isabelle

Hey hey, how are you? I am thrilled to have my boys home from camp! Aaaannnnddd, I am behind yet again, even though I promised myself not to let weeks (months, years) lapse before posting about particular happenings in our life. About two weeks ago I grabbed my youngest two for a day full of animals and adventure at York's Wild Animal Kingdom and Amusement Park. I'd been on the fence about bringing Ethan and Jonah, but it worked out perfectly. This place really is suited to a younger crowd, in my opinion. As much as I still don't like doing things/going places without everyone, those older fellas were having a blast with their grandparents. Win win!

Okay, so here come about 100 photos of our fun day. You've been warned.  ;)

First things first, we wanted to see the butterfly habitat. Since they're usually muggy, we kind of wanted to get it out of the way before we got really hot, but it felt pretty cool and comfortable. And it is so, so pretty!

I love butterflies (posas, around our house). I could have stayed there longer, just looking and watching, but these two wanted to move.  =)

Okay, so by the time we got to the lions, we were A. sweating profusely; B. thirsty; C. a nameless person was getting a tad whiny/restless. This is the best photo I got. They were incredible- that big pussy cat of a lion was having a dream, SNORING, and twitching his ginormous paw. Priceless.

Mom fail. Totally forgot to bring some quarters. Thankfully, lots of food gets dropped on the ground so they scrounged up a few pellets to feed the deer.

I also love monkeys and lemurs. They are so fascinating to watch! Every kid (and grown-up too) kept calling these guys King Julian, ha. I may or may not have performed the famous professional whistler scene right there on the spot.

And here's Marty. =)

We had a cooler filled with lunch and drinks in the car, and thankfully the parking lot isn't far, so we recharged and then hit the amusement park. On a side note, if you're a NH resident, I highly recommend the Breathe Fun Pass if you enjoy things like this because Isabelle got in totally free.

Okay, so here is a lovely shot overlooking Short Sands in York, Maine. And then I nearly had a panic attack. Seriously.

Isabelle looks perfectly happy...

...and here I am, trying in vain to take a fun-loving selfie to send to my mister. If you want to torture me, put me on a ferris wheel. I'm not afraid of heights until I look down. And move up backwards. Yikes!

I snapped this one really quickly while we were near the ground. Caleb wanted to go on alone, so he is up in front of us.

My daredevil. He rode this thing at least five times.

I just have to add this so I will always remember: Caleb brought his own money just for the purpose of getting us a special treat while we were there. So thoughtful and kind! We had chocolate eclair bars and Isabelle chose a Hello Kitty popsicle thing. Which melted off the stick and plopped on the ground within minutes because she was too busy looking at everything instead of eating. ha ha

I don't know why this happened, but I'll cherish it forever. He looked over at her and smiled, and asked if she wanted him to hold her hand. Melt my heart.

Big Brother also came to the rescue on this little roller coaster. They were each sitting in their own car, but at the last minute- as in, having to get the guy's attention to stop it right after it began- she pleaded for Caleb to sit with her. I can see the nerves in her expression here.

But she got over it rather quickly. She rode solo on this about 100 times afterwards!

We had such a great day! We walked through some of the zoo again before heading out, and Caleb really, really wanted to ride on the paddle boats. But we couldn't. I was wearing a knee-length skirt because I don't own any shorts, and it was just not the kind of ride a grown woman should be on in a skirt. He didn't understand, and I felt so badly because he got terribly upset about it, and unfortunately we left in kind of a funk at that point. He has such a sweet soul- he apologized several times on the ride home because he didn't want that to ruin the fun we'd had. I was really proud of him. I guess I was mostly disappointed in myself because the reason I didn't have shorts is because I feel self-conscious in them. Boy, that probably sounds so dumb, but it's the truth. My self-consciousness cost me a precious time of fun with my little boy. And I regret that.

So I made myself a pair of shorts, and I've worn them a LOT.  =)

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