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1 Corinthians 3:17

Monday, July 28, 2014

Project Minded...But Still Having Fun!

Oh my crazy goodness, have we been up to our eyeballs in projects this week! Remember those awful, ugly, nasty orange front steps? Gone. The ongoing dilemma/debate in finishing off the upper 4 inches of Isabelle's walls? Decided upon and fixed. That Goliath-sized rock wall garden in our front yard? Oh yeah, finito. Done, done and done. We solved the problem of too-narrow shelving in the upstairs linen closet with, literally, the easiest, quickest, and cheap fix ever. And I love it so much!

So with projects, summer life- you gotta have beach days and trips to the farmer's market and impromptu ice cream shop visits- and an insane amount of sewing, I am tuckered out. Smiling deliriously, but seriously tuckered. I don't have pictures of all our projects to share, or any recent ones, really, that are edited and ready to go, so I'm posting about a very special, fun day with my main squeeze. It was our last hurrah before the boys came home from camp, and Isabelle Katie had a sleepover with my parents. Aah, I love my children so, so much, but those little breaks are nice too. =)

We strolled around historic Portsmouth. Such a beautiful, picture-perfect day.
Then we sat here on this deck overlooking the water and enjoyed lunch. Right beyond that bridge is Maine, which we spent about ninety seconds in because we were in such deep conversation that we missed a turn. ha ha

I must get one or two of these glass bottles with the pop-off tops. I've seen them all over TJ Maxx and other home stores but was never that impressed with them...until I saw this little spread awaiting us. While I'm on the subject, those cobalt blue glasses made me a little weak in the knees, too.

More walking, strolling, and talking.
Without interruptions. Whoa.  ;)

One night when Isabelle was sleeping over at her other grandparent's house, we packed a picnic for our favorite park. So fun!

And now massive thunder clouds are rolling on in as the winds pick up. I heard there is a chance for a tornado. Ugh. An actual tornado ripped through a small town in Massachusetts this afternoon, destroying several buildings and homes. We aren't used to that up here, so that has me freaking out just a leetle bit. Okay, a lot. God is in control, God is in control....

Have a great week!  =)

Oh, and if you are interested in something from Rose & Ruffle, not to pressure you, but I will be taking some time off soon and won't be making more summer items. Just a heads up. Thank you as always for your support and patronage.(You can find the Rose & Ruffle blog here.)

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