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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Boothbay Harbor, Maine: Day 1 (and Ethan's 15th Birthday!)

I have been trying to finish this post all week long. Seriously! If it's not naughty kids or DIY projects then it's massive thunder storms and date nights, which I'll gladly take. =)

J and C headed up to Maine with my Dad for a few days before the rest of us planned to join them. Those were some quiet days, ha! We celebrated Ethan's 15th birthday just the four of us, which was really different but fun. We had his big family party later that weekend.

I think this sums up their sweet relationship.  =)

Happy Birthday Ethan!
I had so much fun getting things ready for my firstborn's special day.

This handsome fella "helped." By attacking the balloons. HA 
He doesn't look very innocent, does he?

Isabelle was inspired to have a special picnic lunch with her babies.
She'd been at Super Hero Bible Camp earlier in the morning, which clearly channeled her inner Super Girl.

 I had some clothes for my little niece so we got a nice birthday visit from my sister in law. The way Naomi clings to Ethan is just about the cutest thing ever. I'm anxious for when we have a little one added to our family, whenever that may be.

We ate out for dinner and then went shopping- poor Ethan didn't find anything good, but Isabelle scored big. Since Isabelle had such a busy week with church camp, she was zonked and in bed early, which left us "older" people to watch a movie and eat cannoli (Ethan's birthday tradition). No complaining here, except for the fact that my little boy is now a fifteen year old young man. Siiiiigh. But he is a wonderful, bright, caring and funny person, and he means the world to us!

This was a few days before... preparing for the journey north with Grampy - someone is smitten with her Grampy!
It takes about three hours to get to Boothbay Harbor in Maine. I think my Dad is a saint.

And here they go...
There is no cell reception on the island, so once they go, they GO. I admit it does make a little bit nervous, but just a little bit. I know they have so much fun, and Grampy keeps them alive and {somewhat} out of trouble.  =)

I drove my Mom, Isabelle, and Ethan up the day after Ethan's birthday.
I was so annoyed that I missed a major turn and then got lost. Kind of. I always manage to find my way back. Who cares if it adds an extra hour to the trip, right? Ugh.
The very first thing I see as we fiiiiinally make it there. ha ha!

Ocean Point, Boothbay Harbor
I grew up visiting this place. It's such a pretty place and reminds me of when I was a kid.
Not a care in the world. Ah to go back to that, ha ha.

Always finding creatures, these two

There was a French family nearby, and apparently the Dad was holding up a towel on the beach for the Mom to slip out of her bathing suit and into her clothes. I missed the whole thing, but as it was told to me, the towel was too small, and the clothing was not cooperating. Thanks for the show, Lady. Not really. ha ha I think this is what they were all laughing about here...

 I have been crossing this footbridge down at the harbor since before I could walk! It was really special to be here with all my children- my Mom and I realized that while the guys go up to Maine often, we hadn't been since coming home from Guatemala with Isabelle, almost six years ago!
Me and my crew
Look at Isabelle's face!

My Dad and I went on a whale watch from this very spot my Senior year in high school- I used to keep a photo from that day on my desk all throughout college and in Spain, and now I cannot find it. Heartbreaking. I won't stop looking, though!
**edited: I found the picture!!!**

Typical. =)

 After our seafood dinner, I took these cuties to Knickerbocker Lake, a couple of miles from our place on the Island. I'd always wanted to go there but in all my years, had never once been! Very pretty at this time of early evening.

These crazy little fishies leapt out of the water- so cool!

As a kid, I marveled at how gold the tops of the trees would look at sunset. I still do.

I used to stay with Gram, my Dad's Mom, in the bedroom in the back overlooking the ocean, when I was growing up. We'd tell jokes and laugh into the late, late hours. Such wonderful memories. Of course, it wasn't until 15 or so years ago that there was plumbing inside, ha.
 J and C camped out all night long. So glad it didn't rain!

This is the trail that leads to the ocean...

Look who I found! This boy is my kindred spirit- fascinated by the water.

We talked about life and school and God's amazing world while we watched this beautiful sunset. I will never forget it as long as I live.

A perfect way to end the night!
Afterwards the boys watched a movie while the girls read stories, and I hear that this girl feel asleep pretty early on. Isabelle on the other hand was wired for hours. H.O.U.R.S. Oh boy!

We missed Daddy but had so much fun! It was supposed to be raining the entire time we were there, and I was so thankful and relieved to have such picture-perfect days the whole time. I know Who gave us the gift of such beautiful weather. 

Okay, that was our full Day One. I'll post Day Two next... Happy Saturday!

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