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Monday, December 22, 2014

Our Fun and Crazy December Days

Good morning! I am in complete denial that Christmas is this very week. December just goes by so fast, especially with those birthdays right in the middle! Here is a look at our days lately...

Of course, there are lots of goodies...

We've had special family movie nights...

We've celebrated our two birthday kiddos with family...

Don't even ask why he's holding a gun with his cake. Boys.
ha ha ha ha
He wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting...and candy canes! I ended up crushing some and sprinkling them on top, which was very yummy, by the way.

And Isabelle with her pink, pink, and pink cake.
Or rather, with her new doll...head. I can't make this stuff up!
And why does she look thirteen here?!?

With my birthday boy, who I swear was just knee-high, running around in his puffed-up Spider-man costume and looking up at me with those irresistible baby blues. Sigh. Siiiiiiiiiiggggghhhhh.

Our tradition has never been cupcakes- we bring lollipops to school on birthdays, and I've never had a teacher complain since they are virtually mess-free, ha! I was having myself a little moment because the batch I left until the morning of wasn't working- the melts wouldn't melt. That's not a good thing!

Surprise Dunkin' Birthday Donuts on the mad dash before school

I spy a dog. Can you? I've got to say, this fall/early winter has been dreadfully dark and dreary most days. This was taken on a hike at high noon. Noon for crying out loud!

Since the big guys had soccer games the night of Caleb's birthday we had already planned on doing our annual drive the next night. But...I couldn't stand not going and so after we'd put on pajamas, I told them to hurry up and head to the car. They were so excited! Me, too.  ;)

It started snowing on our way back, which made things even more exciting. I thought they'd both gone inside, but several minutes of not finding Isabelle in the house led me back out here. HA

Big baby

Helping me butter the cornbread for dinner one night

And who doesn't enjoy Diego the snake slithering through their glasses, down their face and onto their shoulder?  I know, right?

Well this may be a tad out of order...this was the official next night birthday pajama lights drive.

And then it was Monday, Isabelle's birthday. We were at gymnastics when Grandma stopped by to say hello.

This look is priceless. If you follow along on instagram then you might have seen the box that got wrapped a couple of weeks ago. The moment she figured it out...

Fast friends here. They have been inseparable!

Why not go get a peppermint hot chocolate on a random Tuesday, dreary morning after an orthodontist appointment before heading off to school? So we did! YUM! And fyi: he only looks taller than me here. But it won't be long.

 Inseparable. In-sep-ar-able. Even to dentist visits.

Fancy Dress Up Day at school. Guess Ryder was feeling fancy, too.

And twirling in her Christmas skirt at church. Oh wait, here she was asking me to get a picture of her "fancy hair."  :)

Then we surprised everyone and whisked them off to the Currier Gallery in Manchester, NH. Caleb was ecstatic about posing next to this Picasso, even though he looks like he's playing it very cool. He just couldn't believe that he was standing right in front of the famous artist's work. I wasn't expecting that reaction from him and his enthusiasm made me really happy.
 Perhaps this is a little more telling of our time at the art gallery. Ha Ha and Ha

Friday night was Girl's Night so we went to get pedis. I had never done this with her before, and it was so much fun! Except for the racy music video channel that flashed (literally) on all six screens midway through. I tried, I really really tried to keep quiet, go with the flow, all of that. But in the end, my face got beet red and my horrified, pleading eyes connected with one of the older ladies who got it, so she asked someone to change the channel. I'll spare you a pic of my toes, but we are both sporting sparkly purple nails. Oh, I don't want to forget this: she was mesmerized by the foot bath water that changes color with the lights, only she thinks it is the "magic rock" they put into the water that changes its color. She was terribly excited to inform me of that magic rock because it was the same kind they used when her Daddy had brought her over the summer, and she kept telling me to wait for my magic rocks to turn my water different colors. That had me giggling big time!

And then Saturday night our neighborhood had a fun potluck. It was at Caleb's best friend's house so we let him stay a little longer and then went back for him. What a refreshing, brisk walk home...and a nice way to work off some of that yummy food! We are really fortunate to have such friendly neighbors and it has been great getting to know them all better.

I should insert some sort of alarm here to alert you that you've fallen asleep during this l-o-n-g post that probably only means something to me. So go get up and make yourself some hot tea or cocoa and tune into the Hallmark channel because...why not?

Three more days until Christmas! Eek!

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