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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Minute to Win It Themed Birthday Party

I can't believe our December birthdays are now officially behind us. I feel like if those would just slow down, then Christmas might slow down, then New Year's, and, well, I guess that somehow time would just miraculously stand still for a little bit.

We celebrated Isabelle and Caleb last weekend with a small party with their grandparents, and then Caleb's best friends came over on Saturday afternoon. The weather was beautiful!!, so they all played outside for a bit, which was just plain fabulous after having doped them up on sugar sugar sugar, ha! Caleb had the incredible act of turning 10 on 12/12/12, and this year he turned 12 on 12/12- both very cool!

When we have boys over, I've learned to keep things simple. There's lots of food, of course, and some element of competition/adrenaline. Other than that, I let them be. And then I just smile and don't sweat the small stuff.  =)

Since my birthday is the day before Halloween, obviously I have grown up with everything fall and halloween-related for my brithdays. One of these years I'm going to celebrate my half birthday and have an outdoor fiesta...or maybe my 3/4 and have a pool party? These two will never know their birthdays without Christmas things, and I wonder about whether they'll always like it or not.

Anyhoo. Here are some pics:

I've learned a few things with all the parties that go on around here!  ;)
One thing is to add color- anywhere you can!

 I was super excited to see the SUN again! This has been a dark and kind of dreary winter so far! The balloons on the front porch or lamppost have become a tradition for him.  =)

Simple chips and other snacks with some festive plates and cups. It really doesn't get any easier than that!
 I doubt anyone else gets quite as enthused as I do about these silly little decorations. I just love them all over the counter and tables!

 So thankful for such a nice group of boys! Here they are working hard at transferring marshmallows into the tiny cups with chop sticks. The next round they could use only one hand to hold the sticks...their "opposite" hand, ha!

I always have a few games or activities planned out ahead of time. Nothing says NOT fun like the pressure of trying to make something happen that you aren't prepared for...when a bunch of kids are all waiting on you!

 Shooting stacks of cups is always a favorite. Here they are heckling the shooter to distract him. It worked! They tried with a marshmallow gun and then a nerf gun. So fun!

Since we have outgrown the themed party stage, there is really no need for a specific cake. Caleb happily agreed to a football ice cream cake and - this is sort of a family joke at this point - the old standby snowman cake, typically already marked down on clearance. Nothing but the best for my family, ha! And since we already celebrated with family, I didn't have to bake yet another cake, so...yay! Such a fun afternoon!

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