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1 Corinthians 3:17

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


It's April 1st! I can't believe it! We still have quite a bit of snow on the ground, but I'm hopeful....this could be The Week, as in, the week it all goes away. I'm not much an April Fooler, though I briefly considered serving dinner for breakfast this morning. Except just the thought of that made me feel a little queasy. Maybe I'll make hot cocoa and add a dash of hot pepper or something really adventurous like that, ha.  =)

I haven't participated in a WIWW for ages, so I thought it was definitely time. We're in transition from winter to spring for sure, as evidenced by my progression of jackets.

scarf: Old Navy (a couple of years ago)
top: Made by me
jeans: former boot leg-turned-skinny black denim from Christopher & Banks 
flats: Target (clearance a couple of weeks ago)
I may be wearing fleece, but it's spring-colored AND I've paired it with my favorite yellow scarf. I made the blue print top (though I need to address the constantly-wonky neckline) and find myself going back to this exact combo time and time again. Love it! Also, please disregard my lobster red feet in this photo- it may have been a little too cold for these flats but I just wanted to wear them soooooo badly.

 trench coat: Sear's (a million years ago)
silk top: Dress Barn (first worn to a Tenth Avenue North concert/date night two years ago!)
jeans: same as above
not seen: 3/4 sleeve cardigan, I think from Christopher & Banks
It may have been raining, but the temps were warm enough for my hip-length trench. I had a casual meeting with an attorney this day- don't I look lawyerly? I'm feeling really self-conscious about this one because my jeans are too big (which is good, yay!) but then they slip down and sort of hang out funny in the waist and around the hips. Not cool.

My hair + rainy days = not so much fun at all.
But Fridays are Cookie Fridays, hence the apron, which is way fun! This is the pretty cardigan I wore over the gold silk top. It has flowers along the upper edge- pretty!- but the color is definitely more fall/winter, so this is probably the last time I'll wear it before washing it and storing it in the winter clothes box.

  blouse: Christopher & Banks
trouser pants: Christopher & Banks
cardigan: Dress Barn
I think this is my favorite blouse. The strange angle makes it look slightly top-heavy but it has a great smooth shape and fit, when I'm not reaching high in the air with a phone in my hand. I love the punchy cardigan with it, and I even wore my wide-leg trouser pants but you can't see them- I blame my short arms; I think only people with normal or long arms can properly take pictures of themselves in their outfits. =)

I'm including this because, well, it's just too cute not to. Our first warm-enough afternoon for bare legs. Hooray!

I wrote a post about Easter things yesterday- if you're looking for a fabulous homemade peanut butter egg recipe, look no further!

I've had kind of a crummy week so far, so I've already decided that today is going to be a "free" kind of day. I'm going to spend an hour with a nice hot cup of something yummy and look through the other WIWW posts (and get inspired like always!), maybe watch a movie, go for a nice long walk... just all good stuff. And then I seriously need to get going on Isabelle's Easter dress, ha! Thanks for visiting! I hope your day is a great one!

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