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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Today is the day before the last day of school. I know many of you are already out for summer, but here, excitement, nerves, and eagerness are in full swing, ha! This represents a BIG change for us, and now, it's nearly upon us. Yay. But yikes!

Isabelle begged to take ballet class for years (while she was in gymnastics), and in January, her little tutu dreams came true. For the first month, she was not a fan. I practically had to force her to go to practice each week. I don't think she realized how much work it would be, and she likes to do things well, right away, so this really bothered her. Plus, this was much more challenging than the toddler ballet and tap classes she used to take, so she was doubly frustrated. But she stuck with it and we couldn't be more proud. She loved the excitement of the big recital, and she did a fabulous job.

Of course we had to get a few pictures beforehand...

Isabelle wanted her Isabelle there to see her dance. Insert big, happy smile here. Her Daddy held that doll for over three hours. Three hours, people. That's a looooong time.

I'll get over my vanity by including this gem. I didn't realize that Bill was getting his ready for an "ussie" nor that my mother in law had already started snapping photos with my phone...sometimes you do just have to laugh.

 Awkward attempt #1  =)

And this cute one from my this!

Real men wear pink. I don't know what they were thinking when they decided on pink shirts for a group of teenaged boys. No worries, that boy looks good in anything. They won their first play off game easily but couldn't catch up for the next one. Lots of bad calls and illegal plays, but then that probably makes me sound like a sore loser. I think I kind of am a sore loser. It ended with 4-3. Love watching my boys play soccer!

On one particularly hot and sticky afternoon, we pretended it was summer already.  =) That water was so, SO cold- my feet were purple when when I took them out!

This sums up how we feel about the school year ending. Sheer delight.
My hairy sidekick. You know, it's great having a dog. Except when it isn't. I can't even think of any other way to describe it.

Jonah and I spent the afternoon around town, just him and me. Such a great time. I don't know how we ended up at Taco Bell AND McDonald's for Frappes. Fun random fact: I love (LOVE) caramel frappes, but I cannot drink more than one sip every twenty or so seconds because I get a debilitating head/sinus/nostril/eye...thing... and I can't even keep my right eye open to drive! Crazy, right? It's always the right eye and sinus area. Good thing I live with kind, sensitive people who wouldn't dream of turning this into the biggest running joke ever. Good thing.  ;)

Success Night at school. I wish I could say that I love this school, but I do not. Even a little bit. I adore Isabelle's teachers, though.

I shared this on instagram last night- new valances! They literally took under thirty minutes to make! It's the lining that makes it such a cinch. I had tan drapes in there that worked in our last family room, but not in this one. I hadn't planned on making anything because I'm busy sewing for the shop, but sometimes...sometimes you just gotta do it. Now I can't believe I put it off for such a long time when they sewed up so fast, and they look really pretty. I sewed up some new pillows for the couch (pillows- the bane of my existence) and I don't hate them. I may even like them. ha ha Why can't I ever get couch pillows right? Even when I buy them, I don't like them within an hour of seeing them on the couch. I may even be inspired now to tackle some projects I've been putting off, mainly getting up more photos/pictures on the walls.

Okay, I'd better be off but I just thought of one more thing. I'm shaking things up a bit with this year's Summer Fun List. Typically I make a huge list with a bunch of things we want to do and then cross the items off...this year I've made individual lists for each child. I asked them to start thinking about some special things they'd want to do a few weeks back, so they'll get to write down their top five things. I think this will be a fun alternative and I'm really looking forward to it. (I tried my hardest to download the document, but I just couldn't embed it...maybe I'll try Google docs- is that what people use? I don't even know!)

Here are a couple of posts about our fun lists:

ps: here's a fun tutorial for a Little Girl's Ruffled's super easy!!!

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