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Monday, June 22, 2015


School just finished up last week and we celebrated with our tradition of ice cream sundaes for supper  (supper then becomes the dessert) and a movie. This weekend was quite full, with Father's Day outings and such- we're blessed to have such wonderful Dads in our family, and my husband is one of the most caring, thoughtful and involved fathers ever.

I stumbled upon this photo from one of our sundae dinners from what feels like a lifetime ago and just have to include it. Where have the years gone? I'm really thankful that I began blogging all those years ago to have a record of our life, something to help me remember how we spent our days. They haven't all been sunshine and roses, but I have tried to be an intentional Mom and I hope that when my children are all grown, they'll look back on our time together with fondness and joy.

And now it's summertime! I love summer, I really do. There is a freedom and fun factor prevalent during the summer that just doesn't seem to exist during the other parts of the year. But I think it also tends to get romanticized a bit. Multiple late-night activities/bedtimes reek havoc on little personalities. As the heat wears on, moods shift and temperaments darken, and then we're in full-on cranky-pants mode. Boredom sets in and -well, I know you know. It wears a poor Mama out.

Here are some of the fun things that we've done together. I hope you find something you'll want to try with your own family. Enjoy...

This is one of our absolute favorite things to do! So much fun!

 Such a fun way to stay cool and get some exercise!

You can also make individual frozen treasure cups for each child. 

Anything involving water or ice in the summer always feels so good. One other very low-key, fun activity we did when the kids were smaller was to "paint" water all around our house's foundation with big paintbrushes. We painted designs, wrote out our names...anything! It was lots of fun watching the water evaporate, and then we'd just do it all over again.

And never underestimate the power of a good old-fashioned squirt gun fight (or water balloons, but then you're left with itty bits of balloon plastic all over the yard)!

Outside Story Time
 I used to set the timer for 15 or 20 minutes to read, and then we'd all have a popsicle or some other summer treat. This is a lot of fun. Now there's no need for timers- they read for a long time!

Backyard Cornstarch Goo (& other random fun things)

You can Google recipes for Goo- it's water and cornstarch in varying amounts. This is a perfect messy activity for the backyard.

Create your own Word Searches or Crossword Puzzles

 Older kids can choose a theme for their puzzles and come up with a list of words based on that theme. You can either make photocopies for everyone or simply switch papers.

Painting Rocks
 Search around your yard for interesting rocks, or go for a walk in search of some. Washing them off in sudsy water first was almost as fun as painting them!

Make Tea-Stained Scripture Pictures
 Help your younger children copy a verse onto plain white paper and encourage your older ones to try writing theirs "fancy." Lay the papers in the tea solution for a half hour or so; remove and let dry in the sun. *Optional: carefully burn the edges of the dried paper with a lighter or match for an old-time scroll look.
Frame them and put them up on the walls in your home- my kids love seeing their work proudly displayed.

Pick Flowers to Press & Make a Card
 Lay another paper towel on top and cover with some heavy books for about a week. Use tweezers to pick up petals, dip in glue- or dot the card with glue- and carefully place petals.

Have a Picnic by the Sea
I love spending the day at the lake or beach, but sometimes you just need a break from all-day outings. A picnic is a great way to break up a loooong day, whether at the ocean or anywhere!

These are just a few of the fun things we enjoy doing during the summer- be sure to check back for more ideas, or follow along so you don't miss anything!

Here's a quick link to two of my favorite summertime snacks. Enjoy!

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nimbus nim said...

Hello! (quedateenminube)
Nice blog! :))

Lindsay said...

I love these ideas! My kids are getting pretty rambunctious. I hope I can occupy them more so that they don't try to occupy themselves... like playing veterinarian. :/

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