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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Happenings and Favorite Fall Recipes

Hey hey hey! So it's been much harder than I'd have realized to keep up to date on the ole blog amid homeschool and soccer schedules, and whatever else life brings. Sunday evening around 7:30, we kept heading outside to check on the eclipse. That moon was so bright it was actually hard to focus on it. Beautiful! Finally, around 8, the eclipsing had begun and it was spectacular. It was a perfect fall night, crisp and clear- and we were freezing!- so we grabbed blankets to wrap around us. So happy that I got to share this special event with my guys. I didn't even try to take any pictures because I knew I'd find no less than a million of them that would look more stunning than mine...though I do wish I'd thought to snap a quick picture of us out in our blanketed attire...maybe we'll have to recreate that one for the books.  ;)

The other even this was weekend wasn't a happy one. Ethan was injured on the field during his away game on Friday- a swift, hard shoulder to the face, which then caused a whiplash-like movement before he hit the ground-, and while we were thinking and hoping that this wouldn't result in an actual concussion, we were wrong. So here we are again, although this isn't nearly as intense as his head trauma nearly two years ago, and I'm so thankful. Bill and I were at Jonah's match here in town while Ethan's team was playing over an hour away, but one of his teammates' Moms was so kind and drove him back early to us. Coach and several parents emailed and texted us all weekend long to show their support and ask how he was doing, which was so thoughtful and kind; but they also kept telling us new details, and the picture they painted was waaaay more serious than the down-played version Ethan tends to relay.

On a lighter note, this girl has been quite the big helper in the kitchen lately. (She's also proving to be a nice laundry assistant, too, not that my boys don't participate, but she actually enjoys it, ha ha.)  We've also enjoyed some nice weekend road trips since the weather has been so incredibly beautiful most weekends lately. Even errands can be made fun...sometimes!  =)

And since it finally feels like fall around here, we've been enjoying these yummy things:

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