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1 Corinthians 3:17

Monday, February 29, 2016

Destin, Florida - Part One

 impromptu family portrait on the front porch- I feel like a giant but I think it's because I had to sit on the edge of the seat and Bill was leaning back...maybe... ?

 with Mimi & Grampy, my parents

 cartwheels and handstands by the shore. all day every day.

 my oldest son, soon to be big brother to another little one. my heart cannot even take it

 not a super photo of the dolphins, but it was such a fun afternoon out on the water watching them frolic

 little miss captain- she's pretty shy so we were surprised she wanted to go up front and take the wheel. she loved it!

preview of my maternity photo shoot - I never had nice photographs taken when I was pregnant with my other boys and I desperately wanted a few "pretty pictures" to treasure from this special time

We got home Saturday after spending ten glorious days in the Florida sunshine, and while the trip back wasn't exactly the smoothest, it was such a wonderful time away. It was such a joy not having to deal with snow and boots/shoes- my trusty flip flops took me everywhere I wanted to go, and I was a walking machine down there! I didn't even know that I could walk that much because at home, I feel kind of stuck inside most of the time, which doesn't make a swollen-footed pregnant gal feel all that fit. It was absolutely fabulous!

These are all pics from my Nikon- I'll upload the phone pics soon because there are some fun ones on there. The last one is from a little photo shoot we did. I had ordered the dress online specifically for this and wasn't sure I even liked it when it arrived in the mail, but it ended up being one of my favorites. I'll share the rest of the maternity photos in another post. A fun tidbit: tomorrow I can say that I'm having a baby next month. (!!!!!!!)

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